Next few days extrem heat

In the next few days ,we are going to have heat from 98-113f,so I’m off to the hardware store to get some shade cloth, any ting else I shld do to protect my girls- as all outdoors.
Cheers and happy growing


Keep the soil moist but not drenched. Try using mulch of some sort of grass clippings/hay to cover around the base of the trunk and spread out a couple feet past the outer branches… then moisten the layer of cuttings, it will drop temps up to 20 degrees. Using your shade cloth propped up with some sort of wood/pvc/metal pole it will give your girls some breathing room. Hope I could help

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YES to everything @AmnesiaHaze said!

Only other thing I can thinK of is, if they’re going to be shaded u can mist them as much as possible…

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@Iloveindica, with the heat so high , I would be scared of them burning,the babies I’m bringing in side ,as still in pot’s, tomorrow will be 113 f, 45 c.

I understand that yucca additives will help with high temp issues. You can search it here on the forum or I believe YouTube.

Good luck with the heat!..

If u do what amnesiahaze said and make something to shade the girls you’ll be fine…misting in direct sunlight will probably burn them, but as long as they’re shaded :thumbsup:

Also, what’s the strain?

@Iloveindica,one is LSD 25,one incredible bulk ,and afgain f,a couple clones, all fem,they are just the ones In the ground ,there are another 5 strains in pot’s.

Im in the same boat but mine are just going to have to brave it out, they got 5L of water yesterday and taking another 5L each out today, its not a fun walk trust me… Ive found as long as they’re hydrated and grown in our somewhat harsh conditions from the start, and good strains of course, then they can handle the heat without too many issues.
We’ve still got a long summer ahead of us! Good luck my friend!


@BondPacker So glad I only have to pull the hose out each day and no walk about,you will need the same amount of water for yourself today,
Happy Growing

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You’re not wrong Colt. Its a tough life for the moment, you’re lucky to be able to grow in the yard!
Got some mighty wash to treat the spider mite problem, but can’t spray it for the next few days as temps are way too high.

So take it your also out west, if your got same Temp’s

Not quite closer to the coast but still got temps in the high 30’s today and tomorrow. Leaving the water run till very late arvo, time to get a few beers in while its too hot