Newt’s Grow Journal

So far, I’ve had a 100% success rate cloning into the crappy chocolate tv dinner brownies. :rofl:


@Covertgrower Please rename this topic to “Newt’s Grow Journal”

Thanks in advance!

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All set. Happy growing! :seedling: 🪴

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Perfect! You ROCK!

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I’m alright, you sir are the one, that ROCKS!


Well, the explosive growth in my tent continues. I’ll be doing some clone trimming this weekend, if not before.
Ursula/Ulysses will also get topped soon:

And the rest:


Just ordered my new tent. It will become my clone/veg tent. My current tent will become my flower tent.

I believe my plan is shaping up to be:

  1. Biggest GSC clone will go back to the buddy I got her mom from
  2. The other GSC and the KK clone will move to the new tent (along with KK 0.3 when she pops some roots) - long term plan for that clone will be to my kid
  3. I think I’ll move Ursula into a 5 gal bag, and move it straight to the flower tent, but keep it on 18/6, just separated from everything else, since the sex is TBD. If it turns out to be a female, leave it there, and flower it out by itself. Ursula the mystery strain!

Happy growing everyone!


Clones got trimmed.


Love the Gnome …he’s inspecting and keeping watch

They look awesome …can’t believe ypu are already taking clones and have a mother plant …or trying to find one
That’s awesome


Two of these are mothers. I hope to get 2 more different mothers next weekend.

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Can’t wait to get going on these things and now I know right where to go !!! Lol

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My harvest has been curing for 3 weeks. Per some, that is considered cured enough to share. So I pulled out this bud from the Kandy Grove:

She’s dank, tasty, and sweet. And I am stoned AF after 4 hits on my doobie.
:smile_cat: :heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And my lips are sticky! :rofl:


That sounds like some of that good chronic!


Nice newt !!! That’s exactly how I feel about the Mob Boss …so dank and solid and very pungent ! And I am hoping to burn some more soon !!

Wish I could try that kandy kush tho …

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I’d share if I could!

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I absolutely know you would !!! I would too !!

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Hella nice man! Hit some for me bro :v:

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Beautiful! Puff puff pass. Well done.

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Pffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttt… Here…