Newt’s Grow Journal (´◡`)

Just delayed a day. Can’t be dealing with it all during the NFL Playoffs. I’ll chop early tomorrow.

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Yes sir. Congrats again. And again, and again. Ive got pics of yours, saved to MY phone. Thats bad. Lol. Showed a buddy while telling him, heres the caliber of growers i snuck my way in with! He was shocked at your girls.


Heck yea what he said☝🏻. From 1 right into the next.


Thanks, y’all! :blush:


Beautiful :heart_eyes: as ever! Gonna miss these porn shows!!!


Me too… I am on vacation, so it doesn’t have to be a weekend chop. But I also don’t want too much couch.


Twisted sister 5 days after feeding… She was indeed needy…


You know, I really appreciate that. I am afraid that I will never again get such a pretty grow. I hope I haven’t peaked. :smile_cat:


One of the projects on my list is to design a reconfigurable multi-use frame for my flower tent. I want to be able to use it as a scrog, and be able move it up to be able to use it as a support to hang chopped plants. The more I play with the idea, the more interesting it seems. (Or maybe it just the fact that I’m pretty high) So I thought I share my idea and solicit feedback.

I have the high CFM kit from @CoyoteCody and I will use those as the corner supports. Then I use PVC and the appropriate connectors to create this (top view) in my 2x4:

Quad scrog?

Drying Rack

Dual Scrog

You get the idea

Any thoughts or input appreciated.


:heart: :heart: out still. man thats what im using on all my girls right now on the dots /soil grow in 8 foot tent . and the other one is on a dolly so can spin it around in tent .
currently outside of tent now though . ladies look ready for ya . and babies too great work.
:alien: Happy Growing

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Haven’t thought hArd yet, but i like the idea. Ive been toying with same thing, using codys cfm kit. My idea, was to have 2, if not 3 sets of different length legs, to swap out. No need to glue legs into fittings, so thats an easy height adjustment, for stArters. Neo got me started on the idea, but been to busy to even brush my teeth! Well, not my teeth.

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Right. No need to glue any of it. And for the verticals, I was thinking with a few lengths and a couple unions you could do any height from floor to roof.

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Would need these for the midpoints on the edges:

And one of these for the center

And some of these for height adjusters:

And of course the PVC…

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Hmmm. Maybe i wont even have to think about it.:grin:. I talked to Cody one day about multi use for the cfm kit. Multi options.

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I have most of the stuff I would need.

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1/2” pvc has an awful lot of flex over any distance measured in feet, particularly if not anchored by cement. Take it from a guy who had a few beautiful theories crushed by technical application.


Maximum length unsupported would be 2 feet. Pretty rigid at 2 feet, I think

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2 feet, pvc fine. Then up to white dowel or metal. 3/4 in PVC, and 1" in dowel for the cfm kit, correct?

I’m planning PVC “feet” at each connection.

Agreed, as long as there’s no lateral stress. That was the killer for me in the past. Probably not an issue here.

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