Newt’s Grow Journal (´◡`)

Good luck! From all I see Jacks is a great choice. Now the coco scares me… :rofl:


i think i might like it. cant over water, my biggest down fall.

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Yeah… But you need to water daily, and some days a person just gets damn busy.


well if u dont have a life… lol like me


Genie is holding steady at 61% RH in the Grove Bag. I think we can this one a successful dry. My process changed slightly this time, and I will fully document in my next post.


My original post which was a response to a question about the subject

What changed this time?

  1. I used a WeDryer XL. It’s environment (the room it was in) stayed around 61-62° F, and 57-58% RH
  2. After 7 days in the XL, the buds read about 12-14% with the moisture meter so I took them out of the XL and into
  3. Paper grocery bags, following the Grove Bags guide on sweating cannabis. This process took me 2.5 days to get them to 63 - 64% RH, then I finished trimming and into the Grove bag. They stabilized right at 61% and have been there since.


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I haven’t done the paper bag but in the last run in particular had to open the Grove bags quite a bit while the buds continued to sweat. I actually tucked a paper bag in the closet last night to try this out when harvest time comes around again.


I used 2, and slipped one over the other. Several times a day, I gently and slowly flipped them over so nothing stayed on the bottom for long.


If i can get comfy with coco, you surely can. Im all about it already. Bought a small garden sprayer, with hose and lil shower head this am. Easy feed im thinking. Ill try it out tonight. Couple other accesories for the tent as well. Show ya tonight. Busy busy i am!


VCI paper works great, Google it to c where you can buy it in your area :grinning:

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yep i did same thing but after a month grove bags was dry’en out went from 62% to 54% Hell said to use the heat sealer on my vacuum sealer so i re-hydrated back to 62% and heat-seal . all good so far .
:alien: Happy Growing


For my last grow, after 6 weeks in the Groves, I went with my standard storage…

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A few months back a friend gave me 1/2 cup of butter that he had infused and was using to make cookies. I don’t bake, and Mrs. Newt greatly prefers Cannacaps to any sort of edible that might taste like cannabis, so it had just been sitting in the fridge. Since it was time to make more Cannacaps, I figured that I’d just use the butter for them. But on reflection his recipe made 48 cookies, and 4 was a good dose, so I infused another 20 grams of decarbed Kandy Kush from my last grow to the butter.

I also upped my game with one of these to make sure I recovered as much oil as possible:

I was able to get 168 caps worth of oil. Plus there was another 5-6 caps worth of oil left in the bowl that I sopped up with a slice of bread.

I gotta say, I am high AF. :grin:


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Jack’s is as easy as 123 except it’s 321 lol. Just mix in right order. Happy growing.


Cant beat jacks. 321, and all in one. Im shocked, get off work, look on here, and 2 notifications. Been like 70+ for weeks. Just during the work day. Im glad. Less catching up to do!


I’m still recovering form the massive dose of THC I had last night. I was completely wasted. Been in a fog all day.


Slice of bread do you in brother Newt, lol. You on vacay so why not?!


Glad to hear you’re on vacation!
Enjoy my friend!