Newt’s Grow Journal (´◡`)

Growing became legal here on 7/1.

In prep I got a grow tent kit , and got it all setup. On 7/5 1 got 2 clones from a friend, 1 - Kandy Kush, 1 Girl Scout Cookies

Let them grow (no training) while I was waiting on some supplies to get my own clones growing, so they got a little big. Switched to flower schedule on 7/23 , so they have been on 12/12 for 15 days. Here’s how they are looking:
KK on the left, GSC on the right

KK Budlet:

GSC Budlet:


Welcome to the community. Looking good so far. :+1::+1::+1:

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This is my grow tent setup
And the two girls have filled the entire 2x4 space.


Kandy and Cookie are looking happy this morning:


I’m not a fan of kits as they often include inferior components, but the one you linked here actually looks pretty good. Spider Farmer has come a long way.

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So far, it seems solid. Which isn’t to say that there won’t be changes.

They look great are you growing them organic or bottle nutrients

For veg I used Fox Farms Big Grow (3 bottle caps full per gallon) every other watering. Went water only first 2 weeks of flowering, and I am now using Fox Farms Buds and Bloom (2 caps full per gallon) plus 1 cap full of Fox Farms Big Bloom. Again, every other watering. Will adapt based on results.


Nice plants…

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I’m ready for my closeup. :star_struck:


Those plants look beautiful …I would love to try growing that kandy kush but I’d have to go outdoors in the northeast …not sure if that’s a good idea …one of my favorite strains is sugar kush which is kandy kush X Hash Plant

Your GSC looked great too …great strains ! Happy growing


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Looking great!

Happy gardening

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I was reading about being able to see the trichrome whitening, loupes, microscopes, etc. I have a small inspection camera. Does anyone have an opinion if this will provide the necessary magnification and clarity to assess? Here’s a shot of a budlet.


This is the resolution I look for. This was taken with a $20 portable microscope.


Not sure I could get that with what I have. Do you have a link?

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I gave you bad information on price. It’s now more expensive. There are similar models that you can probably get for a little less.

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Awesome. Thanks!

Today’s picture of the girls:


Good morning, Kandy!

Good morning, Cookie!

Group pic!