Newly transplanted

Juat transfered to 5gal pot and doesn’t seem happy one bit…is this root stress

It could be transplant shock. This is a common occurrence when transplanting. It can be any plant from flowers to marijuana. So I don’t transfer no more if I can help it.

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Any way to fix it or the plant is a lost cause

If its transplant shock, it should snap out of it after about 1 week.

I will tag several Experts.



Thanks…i feel like final pot from start will be my go to

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Give it some time and it will rebound. I may be just lucky but my transplants do not miss a beat. I usually transplant 3 times. Seedling - early veg is in a small solo cup. Next is a 1 gallon transplanter. Then to final home which is usually a 5 gallon spring pot (autopot) or 5 gallon fabric or rain science bag.
This is a 3 month old clone that went from a 1 gallon transplanter to 5 gallon spring pot

It also received some super cropping

These clones went from 4" pots to their final home - 2 gallon rain science bags

They are all in coco and perlite

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Its totally normal for transplant shock. I have never had it before but I prefer to put on their forever home so my plants don’t have this risk.

Marijuana is pretty hardy plant. It should recover in less than 1 week. Just give it some TLC and you will be good.

Plant looks like it’s fine. Transplant shock will disappear in a couple of days.


If you got any recharge, great time to use it. Great for transplanting.

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