Newer grower here looking for guidance


Yea thats what i thought as well so i cut it down and gonna dry it see what i get anything i get wont be worth a damn honestly i think @Noctis420


As Budbrother say’s Save everything and make Butter/oil out of it


Thats the plan use it all for something or another @Rick3


The two survivors outdoors starting to get chunky buds


Well guys this is a sad day after 4 days of constant rain and low temps not going above 70 i found some bud rot on the plants so now the question arises do i cut them down and keep what i can or is there a treatment plan i can use
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Cut ALL the rot away certainly. Most people drop the whole plant n inspect whats left for anything smokable. Definitely peroxide bath them first tho. Sorry for your losses :rose:


Thanks @PurpNGold74 that damn hurricane reeked havoc all up the coast only problem with growing outdoors i guess


She is JUST getting startd bro. B safe!


Oh no, I’m sorry about the bud rot. It seems like it’s got everyone this year. Unfortunately, I know little about it since I don’t grow outdoors, but I’m sure someone will have ideas on what you can do.


Man I’m sorry bro I would give you some nice Blue Haze nugs if I could! Get that indoor garden booming.


When I first found it on my B.B. auto I cut off what I saw. Next day I found more so I chopped it down eliminating bud rot sites and then washed it with peroxide/water, rinsed with clear water. Only got 1 1/2 oz after drying but it’s smoking nicely :blush:


Chop them down salvage what you can it happens to us all.


Well i chopped the girl down i found bud rot on salvaged pretty much the rest of the plant washed with the peroxide bath now they are hanging in a spare bathroom drying looks like it could still pan out to be a great pull the last pla,t im hoping makes it to the actual harvest date in october hope the buds fill in great


Was she close to the others or in similar environment when it flooded a bit? If so pop a bud open n peak. It starts from the inside out. May be able to catch it early

Talking bout the last girl. If she is outside. I’d be worried n peak inside one


@PurpNGold74 i did look inside a bunch of the buds and didnt see nothing concerning but im gonna keep a close eye on it from here on out


So checking on the last plant today pinched a bud and smelled it smells very much like lemon so hopefully it keeps the smell and tastes the same we shall see


Man, that’s tragic! I’ll bet there are a whole bunch of growers on the east coast that are suffering right now. Hope the rest of your grow goes better.


Oh there are probably tons that are anybody who grows outside over here with all the rain and humidity its just terrible lol


Sorry Bud
It Sucks I lost alot this summer to bud Rot. It got really bad here so just Chopped them down and gonna make some edible’s out of it


Ok guys so just an update so one of the plants was dry today i got half the plant jarred and was around 3oz dry so id say even for an early harvest it was a good one