Newer grower here looking for guidance


Haha I wish, I buy a $30 ticket every once in a while. Most I’ve won is $200 sadly lol


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wild child before the storm
short stack looking plump
and in my opinion you can see the stretch on this girl even from yesterday


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Premature bud porn nsfw haha

I know I know not really buds but plenty of bud sites all over the girls but you can see how all the bud sites have turned up after the supercropping
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Looking very good man! Every time i look back at this journal im 75 nessages behind again! Love the supercropping. I tried to work on my outside girl and snapped her top 8inchs clean off. It was a lunch time fix. And im sure when i get home she will need rebandaging. Sucks becauae that woulda been the biggest bud! Point is. U make it look easy. Keep up the green work :+1:t5:


@PurpNGold74 I had one of the main tops I super cropped about 6 inches down no stem splits it nothing next morning it had wilted and was dying another one the stem split and its growing like crazy lol. Its not that hard to do just doing so all the sites get light is rough


Also I took about twenty clones total off of the outside girls today hoping to have roots soon I dipped them in a rooting hormone after dipping in aloe so we shall see


Outta likes of course. But good deal. Maybe ill go back out there today and clean her up a bit. Try a bit of cropping myself. :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


Go for then watch as the bud sites all turn up to the sun its a great view lol @PurpNGold74 if you have a journal for your outdoor plants I’d love to check it out


Nah. She just gets a photo maybe once a month. Havent done much for her. Dropped seeds. And let her rip. Maybe 5-6 days without rain gave her a bit to drink. But nothing really. Fimmed a few spots early. N topped another

She has a few on my last update tho if you wanna pop over


Hell my girls have been getting rain damn near everyday the past couple weeks but its been short storms from hot and humid all day cools off in evenings wind blows boom a storm that’s jersey weather for ya but I’ll hope over and check it out


Hey if we can get the humidity out of the way earlier hopefully itll be a drier harvest season. :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5: But i wouldnt bet on it


Yea seriously I’ll take the rain now ain’t doing nothing but helping me just hope it stop by like mid September so there is no issues with mold or mildew later in flower


I thought my crack head neighbor’s where bad


@Rick3 you must be talking about the escaped prisoner it was touchy I had a machete ready to chop them down haha but they found him all the way in Maryland his dad smuggled him down there


OK so just a little update second time feeding transition nutes to the girls fed at full strength at 6.37 pH didn’t wanna risk over shooting the optimal 6.5 so said it was good ppm is unknown as my ppm meter stopped working on me. But they are growing lovely but how will I know when to stop transition nutes and start flower nutes is there an actual way outside.
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I don’t grow outdoors, but I can’t see any reason why the plants needs would be much different than indoors. That said, I switch to full bloom nutrients as soon as they begin to form buds, about 1-2 weeks after flipping to 12/12. Now, I’m still struggling with plant health around this time in their lives, so take that into account. Outdoors, I know they transition a bit differently, so the timing would be different, but the idea is the same.


Answer 1 question … Are they in flower? Yes = Flowering nutes ,
No = veg nutes or transition nutes Simple as that @Josh1126


@Sasquatch I know they are at least in preflower but have tons of white hairs popping not really sure when the stretch is over and flower really begins