Newer grower here looking for guidance


Well as of tonight 8 of the seedlings have started or are showing themselves


OK here’s pics I know the soil is very wet IdK why maybe some clay mixed on but it could work out for not having to mist them often because of work that would be rough


Alright so nine of the 12 seeds have broke ground and already have first set of true leaves good signs there and the clone is still alive no roots yet but hoping it makes it makeshift bubble cloner might be the way to go
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Congrats man looking good 9 out of 12 already, hope they are all female! Best of luck to you lad! Haha


Thanks bro I did my best sexing them using a chart @budbrother shared with me


So weird question do anyone who has ever cloned have you ever noticed new growth before you saw roots.
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I have only cloned non-cannabis plants. I do mostly flowers for the wife. I have never seen a clone grow without some root system of some kind.


My observation was that once the roots took off (about 2 weeks) then I noticed new growth.


Yea I was curious because my clone looks as though it has new growth on it but I don’t see any roots I’ll post a pic after lunch


Hey @Josh1126 I attempted to clone the Blue Haze again and it’s actually looking really well. It’s been about two days. It was droopy at first but now it looks good.


@Noctis420 I have 2 clones in this makeshift bubble cloner that I guess are doing good let me know what you think

Then these are my seedlings I started they jumped up and got started on second set of true leaves real quick they must pushing roots now as theyve been stalled for about a day or two had two of the nine dampen of but one is still growing so if it makes it until transplant I’ll just bury it deep


Hey @Josh1126 not sure about that clone you should maybe put it in a dome? Are you misting it? it wants high RH to help root? Just a thought, :thinking: but nice that you got all those sprouts man :fireworks: :tada: grow them up to be strong girls :laughing:


Its in a 1 liter bottle won’t fit in my dome but its humid as sh*t in the tent with the sprouts going and I started some barley in the tent for my chickens so extra humidity the one clone has been in the bubbler for about 5 days the other since yesterday. Just pH water with aloe gunk mixed in so we will see I noticed today that the first clone seems to be eating the leaves so hoping that means its trying to root


@Noctis420 and the sprouts I know they like humidity two but after three days I took the dome off and they are growing great the soil was staying to wet with the dome on


Yeah with the sprouts I do agree it can’t really stay on for to long.


@Noctis420 I found it can stay on longer with like rockwool cubes but not much longer


OK so as we all know I’m new to the indoors side of things lol when does everyone consider the plants in veg mode the babies are only a week and some change old but most of them already have a third set of true leaves and all have at least two pairs of true leaves
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Super growing plants you have. Are you on your 3rd or 4th node yet with those? Without pix hard to say, but your description sounds like the start of veg cycle.


@Budbrother they have there third set ill get some pics of each


the one in the back I thought had dampened off but its still growing

I have 8 total but my phone is a pos and won’t let the other pics load @Budbrother sorry not the best pics in the world