Newer grower here looking for guidance

Ok thank you ive been trying super cropping but it hasnt really been helping @FloridaSon

Are you also topping? You need to interrupt top growth to force back branching.

@FloridaSon yes ive topped them twice so far bent them all out of shape a couple times and trying the fim now they bounce back from everything so much easier out in the sun


Ok so guys and girls that are following along how. Big do yall think i should let my mainline go out she is about a foot and a half from point to point right now should i just let her grow all summer @Rick3 @FloridaSon @SmoknGranny @Noctis420 @Budbrother

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@TxGrowman just finished a mainline and will be helpful when he is able…

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@Josh1126 Welcome to ILGM Forum. If you are a first time grower, you came to the right place to learn. There are many good growers here and if one can’t help you, you can bet someone will chime in with an answer. The first thing I recommend for new growers and even experienced ones, is to download Robert’s Grow Guide. It is free and has a lot of great info in it.

Gonna review where you are on your mainline and then get back to you. Having a little breathing problem tonight. I will likely get back to you in the AM.

This might help you. This is my last grow a Skywalker OG that came out really well. It won Bud of the Month (actually shared the honors with oldstoner).

If you look through it it may help you in mainlining. That was my first mainline and it came out pretty well. I have a 17x18x60 inch grow box and got 5+ oz wet and dried I got 3.5 oz.

There is a guideline for doing Mainlining/Manifold by Nug Buckets. Google it and the outline will help you enormously. I will get back to you in the AM. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


@TxGrowman hope your breathing gets better. I know all to well about breathing troubles born with asthma so get better ill take a look. I think im about 5 weeks into veg but im growing outdoors in the ground its about a foot and a half from point to point

@TxGrowman so after reading your whole journal ive realized in not doing exactly a mainline what i was doing is starting it like a mainline but instead of cutting all the branching off i was going to leave on and let them grow out to the side so that i will have colas on the ends and down both sides of the plants but its just the branches going parallel to the ground not perpindicular.


I didn’t wanna tell you that

Haha well i watched a video on youtube that said it was mainlining i honestly have no idea what it is the guess we will have to wait until harvest to find out lmao good experiment though @Budbrother

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Any manipulation of the plant, for the most part, is good for it anyway. You sure weren’t doing any harm. It just wasn’t mainlined. Figured whatever

Very true ive been putting these plants through some stress trying to get the inner nodes to start coming up fimming topping tying over they just bounce back like nothing happened @Budbrother any suggestions you can offer to get them inner nodes growing

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They’re strong plants, and they fight back. Leave it alone to grow for a bit. WEIGHT down taller branches just below the ones you want to grow faster. Give it a few weeks and then supercrop any faster growing branches. I supercrop branches multiple times, knuckles all the way up. This will slow down that limbs growth for a week at least, allowing others to catch up.

If you’re looking for a mostly even top, I recommend a scrog.

This is a great read.


Thank you @Budbrother

I make training easier on myself with adjustable clips/weights that I make myself.

I attach these tied to clipped fishing hooks for easy attachment at the nodes.

Versatile things, Clip to grow bag or use as a hanging weight. Just add pocket change for just the right amount of weight.


@Budbrother your a genious lol thank you

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A main line is really a lot of work at the start. I did get the best yield out of my grow-box this last grow with manlining and Skywalker OG.

Sounds like you should get good results from that way. Did you just top it several times?

No i just topped it once at the third node took those branches bent then to 90 degrees and am just letting it grow out but just noticed i have this root showing

If thats an indicator of anykind she will be a monster this is the entire plant


So just a little update today the girls are growing like crazy all of them have 8 plus bud sites as of right now working on bringing up the under branches slowly but surely expecting more topps in the next couple of weeks due to the fact that i fimmed and or topped almost every top so we shall see and man are they stinking already