Newer clones plagued by mites, then another,...I used an neem oil product, and will make my own

Okay, I figured I would post my trials and tribulations with my white widow beginning grower problems, where I have two 8x4 foot tents going, one flowering my seven month old plants, and the other vegging my newer clones. Seems my clones got spider mites, but not the other tent, I sprayed with robert bergman insecticide both tents, but hey, I ended up with too many plants and ran out, so I had to use something I had used in the garden, a food safe product that kills fungus and in stronger amounts kills spider mites, so I used it, then I trimmed the plants five days later and re-sprayed. I blame myself in a way, I had not trimmed twenty two plants yet, they were too over grown, I had even put off too long repotting most of them, so who knows, maybe some looked in poor health, and maybe too much diseased leaves attracted bugs, …and then before I trimmed, I had found one larvae wrapped in a leave, of what bug, I don’t know, and in a leaf that seemed eaten previous by spider mites. All I can think of is that I left my newer 3.8 gallon pots outside waiting to be used in the shed, and I had left soil in a large galvanized pan too, probably got infested with something, but anyway, everything must be under control…I SPRAYED with a NEEM OIL based product, and I have a gallon of cold pressed(recommended cold pressed in the book) neem oil coming to make some more spray. Neem oil is mentioned in a cervantes book, and I figure I can maybe mix palmolive dish detergent as an emulsiphier(if I got the word right) to help it spread around, diluted in water of course, not straight.
I’ve used neem oil alot in the past, it seems to work well, but of course, I was buying a commercially made product, and it really cost some. I mean, I have too many plants, the exact amount I am allowed with my oregon medical marijuana license, which is thirty plants, ten large, the rest smaller. It really is too much work, and more plants than I think is doing me any good, but I am locked into it now, and giving some smaller ones away like I have done previous to another medical card holder, to make way for my super skunk clones once they are out of the “clone king” aeroponic cloner.

This pest thing, I sure don’t know why one tent only was affected, it scares me, I don’t know what I will do once flowering is in later stages and I get pests on the flowering plants, I mean, I have no idea if neem oil is toxic as a substance on bud, I believe it is non toxic for vegetables or edibles, for instance, but I would hate to relegate all my first grow to being made into edibles. I did read in the book to avoid spraying the last few days before harvest or a foul taste has been reported, …I just hope I can keep bugs away to the point of days before harvest, then I won’t have that worry.

Now, I bought something made locally to me, at a “grow shop”, where they cater to medical marijuana growers, it obviously has some sort of soap solution, rosemary, and cinnamon, and some other spices, interesting, a few others I don’t remember without reading it again, but it was like in a quart container and recommended for dilution only at 50/50, so I am saving it and studying it.


Hi Bud,
I used DE (diatomaceous earth) powder to control spider mites. It worked really well. If you use food grade DE it’s not harmful to you or the plant. Haven’t had a mite problem since two months ago when I thoroughly dusted my plants.
Happy Growing,

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Hey budbd, here Is a link to Home Depot that carry’s this stuff for around $ 8. Bucks
This stuff work GREAT!!


B Safe

i use mite rid wich is an extract from a naturaly resistant plant and i found i only need to use it twice during the whole grow .

I have never heard of mite rid, but that sounds great.

I still use [Diatomaceous_Earth][1]

this is it i used it twice to 3 times during a grow ,just a few drops to 10 liters no probs with any bug at all.

it’s a natural plant extract

Could you please send me the link via a message or I can message you my e-mail address.
I would like to hav some of that in my grow room.

B Safe

done :slight_smile: i wouldnt say it’s cheep but you use very little .

Will do, and thank you for being so quick.


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most welcome Happy growing !

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Here you go!

In the future; If you want a link to a product posted, just ask :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to investigate this mite rid stuff, but I just recently ordered a gallon of neem oil, but I had better read this. Bugs around my home really peak at this time of the year, I could just go broke and drop from exhaustion spraying all around my home, and I shouldn’t have been surprised to see things in my grow areas indoors.
That last bit of neem oil based commercial produced neem oil fungicide/insecticide, when the sprayer got low which means the earlier applications might have been weak, I noticed I should have shook the container more like the instructions said, cause it got the leaves oily, and so far haven’t killed leaves, but it has to be mixed up alot, and I think it would have benefitted from a soap solution more, so I figure I will able to make my own mix better, …or at least for everything else outside if I switch to a different product for “indoor” use.

Here are the ingredients to a rather expensive off the shelf product that is about a quart or little more container, cost me twenty dollars, made locally with a fancy label, and mixes 50/50…Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, Citronella oil, Clove oil, Water, potassium salt of fatty acids(which I have no idea what that is, unless it is another way of saying soapy solution). Anyway, I’ll save that for any close to harvest time problems, if any.

mite rid is what i use i swear by it !!!

I never had any success ridding plants of spider mites using “Neem oil”. It does not harm the plants, but it makes your weed tatse like “poo”. :frowning:


yeah they all get removed pfft

Today I sprayed that commercial product neem oil again and used up the last if it, but I mixed some straight plain dish detergent in with the spray, to help emuslify, errrrrr, spread it around more evenly.

Yeah, I worry about using neem oil past a certain stage of development, like I just sprayed my small vegging plants with it again, the ones most affected, and had to fertilize them as well, and I am figuring that if I spray enough of this stuff right now, that it will be residual on areas of the plants and in the soil and on the panda plastic I laid down under the pots in the grow tent.

I sprayed my very large seven month old flowering plants again after the seven day period, to “make sure”, and their buds are just now starting out, and I mean, I DO NOT want to spray too close to harvest time, or maybe I won’t have to spray again at all. I hope.

One thing that might be of interest though, the “bad taste” neem oil or anything else might cause, I have determined through my poor sinus health that I may be at the end of the road for “smoking” but maybe socially with my friends once every two weeks or once a month, ya know, it appears my path is definitely edibles or if I can make those oils I have heard of.
The commercial product with mostly neem oil I have been using stinks a certain way, so until my gallon of virgin neem oil comes in, I have no idea what pure neem oil stinks like. I believe I’d use neem oil for area nuking of pests, but I must definitely “know about all types” of insecticide for sure, I aint gonna ruin my weed to the point I embarrass myself if my friends try out my end results.

Everything is even more serious considering my buds are really coming along great, the tent has all sorts of led light, the plants are humongous, I don’t have a plan for any extra co2 injection for this first grow, but I expect to get, well, alot of weed for personal use, I am doubling down with all my books and literature on the subject, I even have that expensive book “Hemp Pests and Diseases” I bought used, and priority one the rest of the week is cleaning up the gorw areas of leaves, spilled soils, etc

Boy you and I are in the same dam boat. I discovered them critters this morning and the only thing I had on hand was the need oil and my ladies are real close to harvest. But I don’t want to smoke critters either. So I soaked them s.o.b’s real good this morning. I got to go and check, but I saw this first. What item going to do is get a 5 gal bucket and fill it 3/4 the way up and put some dish soap in there and when I harvest I will dip them in off and on and wash the need oil off.

B Safe

OUCH!..close to harvest, sorry to hear about that. I’d think if you had maybe two weeks till harvest, or close to it, that the oils would dissipate into the air some, but the cervantes medical bible says that neem oil can be in the plant stems and system from the root system for a month, on the leaves too, and that you will need to spray more than just one time of course, like every couple days so hatching mites eat the oil. This is what scares me, suddenly on my first grow having a bug outbreak just days away from harvest, or eating up what I do harvest while its trying to dry.

I believe according to the book if you don’t spray up to a few days before harvest then you will be okay.