Newer but learning

Just a bit of a back story, I’m 50 retired and have only smoked for 4 or so years, the reason for smoking is i am a vet with issues with my stomach and couldnt and would not get on the kinds of drugs they gave out.
Long story short i now love all aspects of gods herb lol

I started my first grow with no clue and made every mistake i could however i did get approx 1/4 out of 3 plants “ouch” now with all the nutes and yes very soggy pot i couldn’t even smell it without almost losing my small lunch haha, it was horrible but i did find someone “not bright” to try it and as i suspected it was truly nasty but with enough my “former taster” friend did get high.

Second grow one plant 2 o and very fluffy but tasty.

Third 3 plants 7+ o.

Now my fourth and “this is where i need you all” i did apparently mess up yet again, here’s how 5 diff strains in one 5x5 tent, tent set up vivasun 5x5 tent, plastic pots, fox fams soil, ordered fabric for next time, 4 marshydro ts1000s, active air 6" i line fan, booster inlet fan, using mother earth organics.

I have just learned of grow journals i will be doing that next grow.

Not sure how to pos pics yet but i will.


Welcome to the forum!
Here’s what you should select to add pictures:

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This one had to start early due to time.


This is my current situation a

s i said 5 diff strains.


Welcome to the community ! great looking grow you got going .


Very nice. We’ll following along when you update again. All look great!


Welcome to the Community

Following along those are some lovely looking plants may I add doing a grate job keep up the good work look forward to seeing more :sunglasses:

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@Mosses Welcome to the community. Nice looking plants

Looking great!


Little update


Week one of flower 5+ inches of stretch.


Day 14, lights have been at 50% now 4 weeks at 75% then finish at 100%.
Has anyone done this?


Welcome to the community, you sir have a very fine grow. good luck and happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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Awesome work. Gonna try to scrog on my next grow. The plant I have now is my second attempt. Technically my fourth attempt, but my second since learning how to flower. Learned a lot from ILGM. This is an awesome community. I too am wet behind the ears but having g fun growing my favorite herb.

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Day 21 of flower, hope i didnt take too much.


I took a chance and did a light foliar nitrogen feed seems to have done it, ph side now im finding is 5.6 on the run off, ppm around 900 to 1100, my water is 7.1 ph and 127ppm at the tap we dont add anything to our spring water, not sure what else but any advice is very appreciated.

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