Newby white widow grow. Input most welcome

4x white widow. Seeds in water on 10th July. In seed raising mix on 12th July. Transplanted into 5gal pots with Canna Terra on 25th July. Small seedling in middle done later. Will be grown outdoors. Things seem to be going ok using Canna nuts.


They are lookin’ good!

Ditto they’re beautiful

Very nice :+1:. Good call on the led.
In the last pic that plant has something on the bottom leafs. A small brown spot about the size of a cigarette butt . Can you get a pic in normal light?
The second pic the leaf to the left there is a smaller spot maybe white.

Pretty babies

Will take some pics under normal light and post asap

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Just got home from work. Noticed some discolouration on some leaves, especially the new growth. Light green blotches and on edges of leaves. Not happy.

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More photos.


Maybe I was wrong , they look good

Girls are looking very happy this morning. Watered yesterday with 6.5 ph water only. Start nuts next water but will only go 1/2 strength to begin with. Slow build up. 2nd 600watt dimmable viparspectra in the next couple of days, just waiting on delivery. Have a strong smell already. Have also ordered another tent for veg so I can keep the production line going. Going to scrog the 4 large plants. Smaller one in middle going outside. Will keep an update on that grow also. Have always had a green thumb so I hope it applies to these babies.


New grow going well. First attempt scrog. 2 x ILGM fem white widow. Seeds in 12th February. Changed over to 12 x 12 lighting schedule 2 days ago. Things looking ok.


Help needed. What is going on here. Doing my head in.

What’s your ph telling you .
Some sort of deficiency., the way half the leaf is contorted.
What’s your feeding schedule. What type of nutes, soil ?
Could you please fill out a support ticket