Newbies 6th Grow

Took the girls out on day 65 of being born and gave them a little trim and look over.
Also removed any little buds on that bottom 1/3 that may have popped back up
Took some nice glamour shots, they are way frostier than I had thought.

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Some pics of the girls on day 66.
Lotus Nutrients unfortunately is out of Bloom nutrients for another week or so and I had to make due.
Found a bottle of Tecnaflora BC Bloom from my local shop.
Had a good mix of stuff similar to what I usually use.
Hopefully it doesn’t mess anything up but to this point im super happy with the girls.

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The girls are getting so sticky and frosty everyday.

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Planted the Mephisto Genetics Double Grapes tonight.

The girls are kicking butt even the pretty solo cup

Took the photoperiods out for a final defoliation/ plucking of any lower buds that might have popped back up.
Got some nice frost pics while out.
Now to sit back let them fatten and finish while I tend to the Autoflowers.

The daddys girls are so ridiculous.
The Granddaddy Purple though is representing ILGM nicely.
Cannot wait to see the finished products.
Both new autoflowers are out and seemingly happy so far.

The Daddy’s Girls are just blowing my mind so much.
I’ve never had girls that looked like this yet and all I want to do is watch them all day long.

Good looking grow man! What do you think about that g4500 light? I was debating getting one of those for my 2x4 tent.

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Thank you. I absolutely love the G4500. I was fortunate to be given the light to run for a few grows since it was new and they sponsored me. I finished my obligation a while ago and I still have the light and am using it if that tells you anything. It doesn’t produce much heat at all and in a 4x2 it is more than powerful enough to produce some nice buds. I’m going to keep the light in that tent until it eventually stops working but so far a few autoflower grows with it and I’m still super happy with it.

The Autoflowers are doing good so far.

Took the girls out to tie some stems up since some are getting quite heavy.
Also gave them all a nice trim and look over.
Smells are getting loud and nice :slight_smile: the frost is insane and they are some dense nugs forming.

The Grandaddy Purple hasn’t been getting much love but she’s getting fat and nice.

The Daddy’s Girl is killing it. I harvested the smaller one yesterday but this girl has a while and is full of dense hard heavy nugs which I cannot wait to watch finish.
Even the solo cups is killing it :joy: