Newbies 1st grow

Hey canna fam !

Here is a weekly update on my girls. Tinkerbell will be the next to go in just a few days.


Tinkerbell looks yummy!
Well done Sigourney :+1:

Thanks @Bamamojo !. Here are some up close ones. I am looking forward to trying her too :sweat_smile:



Keep killing it.

Happy growing

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Thank you @SilvaBack203 . Always appreciate you :pray:t4::pray:t4:

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Great looking lady ma’am. The new girls are coming along nicely.


Thank you so much @Dhooter :pray:t4:

Looks great bro. Keep up the impressive work

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Oh heck yeah - beautiful and yummylicious.

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Wanna try Tinkerbell

I have yet to smoke anything diesel, and so curious

I mean it can’t really taste like gasoline, nobody would want that, would they?

I have to find out what the heck is up with sour D


Sour is literally 1 of the best strains from this way its so hard finding it… I’m hoping my diesel driver is a female so I can experience some home grown sour

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I love sour diesel!

Ok, but does it taste like “diesel”? That’s the part that boggles my mind
I hear people compare it to gasoline, kerosene, etc and on the surface, that sounds awful

What’s the scoop?

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No it smells like it but taste amazing idk how 2 describe it.


Huh, ima have to get my hands on some one of these days

I know dispo is a rip off, but I must admit I wish we had a “normal “ dispo here, to be able to try before you grow lol

Our dispo is medical only, and they only sell tinctures and maybe oils

I’m not getting a med card so that I can get ripped off on something that isn’t even flower


Yes sir, it is like a kerosene smell but not unpleasant. Very nice to me but then again I would buy a Cannabis infused Fabreze plug in if they sold it! I love the smell of cannabis flower.

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Check your ig

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Thanks Silva!

Got you. Glad 2 help lol

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Thanks @SilvaBack203