Newbiedude's 1st grow - ILGM Banana Kush Auto's

Thanks Cygnus! I am jealous of your grow. It’s looking really good. Your grow using coco is the reason I am switching over to coco for my next grow. Already have seedlings started. 6 of them. Having a few issues to start with but I think maybe I have been keeping the coco too wet. Trying something a little different starting today. Since it may be that I am keeping them too wet, I made my watering solution up this morning, put the solo cups into a bowl and filled up too about 1/2 way of the coco, maybe a little more. Letting them soak in that for a short while then pouring off the water. My hope is to get the roots to start seeking water instead of being watered from the top down and the roots I guess feel like they don’t need to do any work to reach water. I will know in a day or so if it is helping. If not, I will trash the three I am having problems with and start those three over again.

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At the seedling stage (solo cups), I still watered (with low dose of nutes) until the coco was pretty wet but not a lot of runoff.

You don’t want to let any of the coco dry out otherwise future waterings will be more challenging (water will try to run through instead of being absorbed) until its rehydrated.

I did bottom feed one for a bit due to a weekend away, but otherwise top watering worked well for me.

I may have screwed up to begin with though. I put the seeds in a root cube and I think the root cubes have been retaining too much water. The 3 seeds I am having issues with is that the seeds popped there heads but refuse to grow. There just sitting there like they have been since the first 2 little leaves. The 3 that are growing started life the same way. So I don’t understand why 3 are working and three aren’t. One things for sure. These three I am having problems with are going to replaced by my first foray into photo periods if they don’t hurry up and start doing something.

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Aaah, can’t speak to that as I’ve always planted straight to the growing medium… I’d think you’ll be OK unless those starters are the ones encased in a “mesh”, roots may struggle to break through. If they are, I’d try pulling that and see if you can carefully cut it off. Nothing to lose if you’re considering scrapping them anyway.

If not, I’d just keep top watering when the coco starts to look like its getting dry (easy to tell / visible color change and a very little bit will start to look stringy like a dried coconut).

The root cubes are almost like a foam material unlike the rockwool cubes. They worked very well when I put the root cubes into there final pots on the soil grow. I was able to water far enough away from the root cubes so that it didn’t soak the cubes and the roots had to work for it. In these solo cups I am thinking these root cubes are not the way to go. I am going to do here in just a moment what you suggested. I am going to clear/tear off as much of the root cube away as I think I can safely do.

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The root cubes have been gently and completely removed. One seedling, the tap root was all curled up. The other 2 had a very small stretch of tap root sticking out below the root cube. Will see what they do over the next couple of days. If no improvement, they’re outta here. Don’t want to get the photo period seeds started and the 3 problem children all of a sudden take off. Don’t have enough room for that.

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Well played!

Give them a little time. Shouldn’t take much as these plants absolutely love coco. Now that their roots can do their thing I’d expect some time without seeing any above ground growth while they get busy down there… As longs as they look healthy let 'em ride!

Thanks Cygnus! I find out that the more I do this, the more I realize I don’t know jack.

Anyway, that boston butt you cooked looked very delicious. I do them all the time. I did something yesterday I’ve never thought about doing before. I marinated some chicken breast in a salt/sugar solution for about 8 or 9 hours, cooked 'em on the smoker and then pulled and chopped the meat. Made some homemade chicken salad spread. Dang they make for some good snack sandwiches.


Same boat here, still only my second grow but it seems we learn and grow at every turn. Mix everyone’s methods to find our own way.

We love smoking pork but do the occasional chicken as well. Favorite is always jerk chicken.

The regular smoked chicken every so often. We usually pull / shred some of it to making buffalo chicken dip as well!

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Here are the last pics of girl 2, at 94 days old she presented this way and I had to chop her down. May she rest in peace

But not without leaving me with this first:

It’s all in the wedryer now on day 2 of dryer time.


Girl #1 is harvested:

One last entry to make in this journal and that will be the dried weights of each plant and total weight of both plants. Not altogether unhappy with my first grow. I made it to harvest and I definitely have enough to last a while anyway. Proof will be in the toke when it dries and then when it is cured. You know I have to taste it after it comes out of the dryer. :grinning:

Here is the last pic of girl2, she’s dried and in the grove bags. This pic is her 100% trimmed, weighed and ready to play. Came in at 7.4 oz. Actually, just a hare more, I snitched some to go try with a friend. Nice and smooth smoke and definitely doing it’s job. I am very pleased with first plant and harvest.


Congrats!! Nice harvest.

The second of 2 plants is in the dryer now. May come out tomorrow or the next day. I will get weight and post up and that will conclude this journal.

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Thank you sir! I think I will end up with just a little more weight on the second plant. It will be pretty close. I am hoping for a total of a pound out of it.

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The quantity was not quite there as hoped/looked like. The total for girl #1 was 5.6 oz for a total of 13 oz trimmed/dried and ready to play. Everything is in the grove bags at this point. I put hygrometers in all of the bags and so far everything is looking pretty good rh wise. I have one bag that is still holding a liitle low. Like 56%. Gonna give 'em all till in the morning to stabilize and then will go from there.

That will conclude this journal. It’s been well worth the journey to actually smoke your own weed. I’m sitting here grinning like a cheshire cat now. Looking forward and onward to my next attempt which is already underway by better than 3 weeks. And to all of those that have offered help, support and advice, Thanks!

You had me at chart!

wow i wish i would have been following from the beginning …that is a fantastic job! very nice outcome!