First grow for me. Autogrow mixpack Blueberry, Amsesia Haze and Northern Lights…100% germination rate and all 3 strains thriving…planted at 3 wk intervals…any tips greatly appreciated!

Amnesia Haze


Northern Lights


Welcome to ILGM Growers forum. Your plants look great. Are you going to plant them outside in the ground or keep them in the pots? Looks like they may need a bigger pot to grow into.

Are you going to start a journal? When you are new, I find, it helps a lot to be able to look back and find out the things to repeat and things not to repeat on the next grow. If you are going to start a journal, this is the best format to put initial information in so everyone knows what is going on. Helps especially if you have problems with the grow.

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can. If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = N/A. This is a good way to get most of the information to help you if the plant is having problems and you are totally lost. (I was there MANY times and will most likely be for life!)

ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain and type(unknown bag seed, strain name, regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flower, etc)?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted in ground or in a container?

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used? System type?

- Of the soil or medium (root zone/reservoir/run-off)?

 -  Of the water and/or nutrient mix that is fed to the plant?

Type and strength of dose of nutrients used? NPK?

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %? Day vs. night

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

Ventilation system? Size? CFM?

CO2? (Y/N)

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

Number “weeks or days” into the Season: Vegetative, Growth or Bloom/Flowering?

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but try to be brief and to the point. Short and to the point questions and/or facts will help us help you.

Hope this helps you out. First grows can be challenging, but the reward is well worth it ! !
Jerry :man_farmer::us:

Blueberry Auto, Amnesia Haze Auto, Northern Lights Auto
Outdoor Grow planted in containers 3gallon pots
Medium consists of Black Cow, Organic compost/native soil mix
Location: Western Massachusetts
Nutrients: Espoma Organics Start 1-2-2/
E.O Grow 2-2-2/ M.G Bloom Booster 10-52-10(only type availability at my location)
Thanks much appreciated!

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next time: start auto-fem in 5 gallon pots/buckets. Auto’s have such a short lifespan, not good to lose time with transplant shock.
for supplies, might checkout amazon and also home depot is loading up on grow supplies(but only online)

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Looks just like my big baby girl in there. She at 21 days now and looks like the first and second pic. Patience is what everyone preaches. How tall is she?

PurpNGold74…the first and second pic are about the same age as yours…@10in tall the last pic is at 42 days and she’s 18in …tanlover442, thanks for the advice will get bigger pots next year and already looking to get foxfarm trio for next grow…
My first time so I already have a better idea of what and what not to do next time

This is my summer science project…looking to get it done properly next time…thanks to all for their thoughts✌️

Ah. My girl isnt quite 10 inches tall. But the more she’s outside the taller she gets. Everyday i see those hands ‘praying’ so to say. She’s about 6 now.

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After the first month is when she took off like a rocket…I like the "praying hands"analogy cause that’s exactly what they look like…the rapid growth cycle is a joy to watch

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Right on
I had this mix for my first grow and couldn’t get the amnesia haze outta the ground
Well done
Looking good
They will not disappoint

Lito74…some strains are nute sensitive to the Fox Farm media. Mixing it 50/50 with non-nute media will assure the media nutes won’t burn your plants. I prefer to be in “control” of the nute levels.
Same strain plants will like different nute levels. Takes a watchful eye and a “grow journal” helps keep track of good moves and not so good moves. You can always add a few nutes when indicated.
Remember: The Lady will decide what she likes…or doesn’t. Pay attention for best results.

BTW…a set of PH and PPM meter pens can be found on Amazon for around $20. These are essential for a “controlled grow”.

@tanlover442 thanks for the input…I’ve been using the “Bio-Bizz” feeding schedule…I gave the girls nothing but good ol water for the 1st month then slowly introduced the nutes per the schedule. I appreciate all the good advice I’ve received this far…this place is great to pick the brains more advanced growers like yourself

@PurpNGold74 @tanlover442 @TxGrowman @Growit. Update 7/15/18…hope you guys don’t mind being tagged…

Blueberry AF

Amnesia Haze AF

Northerrn Lights AF


Im loving that growth man! My BB is hopefully following along those exact lines. :+1:t5:


Not a Lakers guy (long time Celtics fan)… but I gotta say, your avatar is sweet!

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Dang! :scream: Now you are “stalking” me…lol. :hugs: Joking, not a problem. Wish there had been access to experienced advice when I got started…long before the age of computers. I lost count of the poor Ladies that got burned to a crisp cause I followed the mfg’s feeding schedules. Learned that test strips for ph were worthless and more likely to give bad information.
Back then, it was cash and no thanks I don’t need to be on your mailing list. And, jeez…another red card from USPS asking if I wanted to claim a package with illegal items in it. Um…no thanks. Dunno where that came from.

***Your three Ladies are looking really good.
Medium green, no curling, no burnt tips, no brown splotches.
At this point the only suggestions I will offer are: DO NOT TOP—auto’s won’t do well, you could remove the smaller lower leaf sets and----now they are teenagers, you could add more growing media to within 1/2" of the top of the planter. When the lower stem gets covered, they will shoot out more roots in those sections. This will help them be more sturdy and give them access to more growing goodies. If wind is a problem, pipe cleaners are great–when very small. At this stage of growth, you could put in tomato stakes(bamboo or plastic) to help them not waste resources that will be better used to grow leaves and flowers. And use plastic coated wire or pipe cleaners wrapped LOOSELY around the main stem. I do that every chance I get. If they get big buds, you will be wise to support with stakes or wire cage…whatever works best for your specific situation. Keep the Ladies happy and they will make you proud.

***remember go light on nutes. Especially the Auto’s will not be able to recover in the fast growing cycle they have.

Hope this helps.


The plants are looking fine. Good growth and nice color without nute or pH burning on the leaves.

Any specific reason for using a 3 gal pot outside? Due to a late start? They will get a lot bigger in a five gallon pot when outdoors.

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@TxGrowman…they say hindsight is always 20/20… had I known, …I simply chose the wrong size pot not realizing the Ladies would grow better in a larger pot until it was too late…I guess you can chalk it up to to growing pains for me…next grow I’ll have far more knowledge to further my newfound hobby thanks mostly in part to this amazing forum…all the tips I’ve received have gone into my journal for next time… obviously, I’m going to see this first chapter through to the end and wait for the next…

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That’s pretty much how we all learned. When I make a mistake, I have a log that I put all my mistakes in so I hopefully do not repeat them !

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you download Robert’s Growing Bible for cannabis. It is a free download and has a LOT of information for first time growers. :us::man_farmer:

Tag me any time @Lito74
Really nice looking autos you got there

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