Newbie Worried WWA

I’ve got 5 girls that are 5 weeks in.
I have them:
in a grow tent
3 1000w LED lights
set on 24hr
on veg lighting setting
5 gallon fabric pots
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
Bergman’s nutes
WWA seeds are from ILGM.

I give them nutes 2-3 times per week. They seem so small and one is starting to flower. One had got white spots which I thought was from sloppy nute delivery but now more have it.
#2 is the runt, planted seed a bit too deep but saved it. #1 is finicky it drys out early and has a bit of a droop.
I water 1x day.

I think my anxiety gets the best of me. Protective Mama!
So I have a few questions…
How do they look?
What are the white spots?
Is 3 lights excessive?
Should I creat a partition for the one flowering? So I can switch the light to flower.

Providing plenty of pics. Providing a side and top view of each plant in order.

I don’t think the side view of #4 attached. This should be the second photo

The white dots are from nutrient water splashed on leaves then light cooking through. Did you start them in big pots? That would be my guess for small plants. I’ve grown 25 of the wwa, they very on when they decide to flower. I would turn both switches on all lights. Drop to a 18/6 schedule. Autos can be grown on 24/0 but I found that a rest period really helps (my opinion)


@HornHead I Germinated in water, moved to seed trays, moved to 4” pots, and last week moved to 5gallon fabric pots. Seeds tray transfer was horrible experience. Next time planting in 4” first. Much easier to handle.
Thank you.

You’re not going to be able to reply soon. Something to keep robots out or something. I start in solo cups then 7 gallon fabric pots. Any questions just ask. @GreenGoddess will do something to make sure I see reply. Gotta go work with my lady. Plants look great btw


@GreenGoddess You should definitely do at least a 18-6 light cycle they will grow so much better with sleep as @HornHead had Mentioned


As for your plants I think they look terrific and the spots are exactly what you said nutrient splash if you drop the light cycle they will explode in a Greatway


Thank you. Is nutes 2-3 times per week good, excessive, or could I increase it?


@GreenGoddess Are you doing full strength?


On most everything I grow I go full strength Nutrients they will let you know if they don’t like it but if you’re feeding 2 to 3 times a week at quarter strength or half strength I would bump it up to full strength once or twice a week


And I want to apologize welcome to the community glad to have you we have great members and everybody is here to help everybody if you put a @ symbol in front of someone’s name with no space that will tag them and you will get quicker responses from people once you start getting to know more and more people


@hogmaster thank you!
Yes I am using full strength.

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Then keep doing what your doing they seem to like it the lights going from 24-0 to 18-6 or 12-12 is the best thing you can do for them right now


@Hogmaster Perfect thank you!


You’re in great hands here, just wanted to drop by and welcome you to the forum.

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@Hogmaster For future reference on the next batch. At what week should I switch the lights to 18hr on?
What week to turn the lights on veg and flower?

Welcome…if they are Autos, they will flower when they are ready so no need to adjust the light from a 18/6 schedule right now.


Yeah I would do it now 18 on 6 off

Grow Update:
Well they are at day 63/week 9 from sprout and have been flowering for about 5 weeks.

I am wondering if they are ready to flush.

Photos are in descending order
5-Super frosty, leaves yellowing and 20-30% pistils orange
4-milky, leaf tips brown, 20-30% orange
3-milky, leaf tips brown, 40-50% orange
2-starting to get milky, leaf tips brown, 40-50% orange
1-starting to get milky, leaf tips brown, 30% orange

@HornHead @Hogmaster @dbrn32 @MrPeat


They definitely look sexy as all hell. If you use a Jeweler Loupe at 60x magnification you can see how the trichomes are developing.

The pistils just give you a time frame to start looking at the tri’s. The ILGM WWA seeds take 8 weeks for flowering in perfect conditions. I’m guessing you still have 3 to 5 weeks to go till finished. Don’t look at the sugar leaves due to them finishing faster.

Since you are at week 5 of flowering. Keep up what you are doing as the girls looks very healthy and happy. :+1::+1::+1:

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