Newbie worried about lighting

I’ve got a 40X40X80 tent and I’m running a 112 pc LED (15w per). Nominal power is at 248 W. I’m only trying to grow a plant or 2, and I’m wondering if this is adequate lighting, and if not any suggestions would be awesome!

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You can grow with the set up you have listed. It may not produce the densest flowers but it will work. I ran a 300 watt HLG in a 32x32 with good luck. Can you supply more I formation on the light? There are a lot of variables that can influence the outcome besides the wattage.

Thanks Bubblehead, I thought they might grow, but I heard a few negative things about the company i purchased the light from, GreenGo. Did the HLG work for you all the way from seedling to flower? As for more info on the light, I am happy to look anything up, just let me know what info would be beneficial for you to know

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Not the deciding factor but 15WSQFT, will veg some lanky plants but will not get you what you desire in final weight for flowering! PPFD is the deciding factor on how much usable light your plant is getting! Maybe two of those in a 4x4 or you could build a DIY setup pretty easily! I have several HLG DIY lights and they are the real deal!

What is the ideal PPFD for growing two plants in a 4X4? I’ve been looking into ChilLED. Would you recommend them?

Try Horticulture Lighting Group, a couple of 260 kits would fill you out real good! You can even order parts to build it yourself! If you like check it out and then we can discuss it further Put an @ in front of handle like @Afrosamurai420 to get some ones attention .

Thanks Holmes, I’ll take a look and get back to you

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630w cmh would be great

@Afrosamurai420 Yes my HLG worked from seed to harvest. It was a 3000k. I upgraded to a 4x4 tent last fall, changed lighting and sold the HLG. The person who bought it is still using it and having great success.