Newbie with problematic grow

Hi there,

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia. I decided to start to grow to workaround expense related to getting Cannabinoid oil. Smoked when I was less than half my age now :wink:

To the issue at hand, out of 5 (Mango autoflower) seeds I succeeded with two to seedling stage. Both were moved outside at same time in same prepared soil. Both have also been getting the occasional drink (of stored rain water) when there’s no rain.

Both were powering along, however today when I checked them both out, one is wilting and the other appears to be healthy.

I’ve posted pictures of grow location (out of sight in secluded section at back of property behind shed and rainwater tank.

Can I get some advice please - I don’t want to see my sole healthy plant succumb to the same fate.

Cheers all!

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When was the last time it got water?
Any critters under the soil?
Welcome to the community!
@Budz420 @aussie3 @aussie123556

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Welcome to the community @surgebox
And thanks for the tag @Covertgrower. Not sure I can be of much help though, as I grow indoors.
I think Covert might be on the right track with water. The one time I tried rain water (I’m south of the border), I seemed to get nute lock out. When I checked the pH it was high 6’s. I went straight back to filtered tap water (6.3 untreated). Other possibilities could be that the mulch has ‘stolen’ the moisture or maybe a drainage issue that is effecting only part of the box? Really had to say without knowing how those boxes are set up.
Best of luck mate. No doubt some outdoor growers will chip in with actual knowledge through experience. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Hi @Covertgrower,

Thanks for the welcome.

I’ve been giving a good soak about every 2nd or 3rd day (wary about overwatering). There’s been light rain on and off over the last 5 days, so I’ve been holding off on the water a bit. Gave both a drink when I discovered the wilt.
The soil has been mixed with compost and turned and watered thoroughly before transplant (and sugar cane mulch layered around plants). I’ve planted a couple of Rosella plants in front to disguise my plants as they (hopefully) get bigger.
No signs of any critters in the soil and the drainage is good.

Fingers crossed and may have to invest in some more seeds…

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Thanks for welcome @Budz420.

As per my reply to @Covertgrower, I may have not provided enough water to that one plant (we’ve had some good falls in the last 5 days so did not want to overwater. I’ve also noted your comments about PH, so I will check that. Drainage is good.
The garden beds were set up from scratch with premium garden soil, which was mixed with compost and a sprinking of blood and bone and turned thoroughly. I watered thoroughly to moisten the bed and check for any pooling areas. Finally, I transplanted the seedlings (including the two Rosella seedlings at the front) and carefully spread and covered with sugar cane mulch. This was done about 4 weeks ago and up to today both were going great guns. I’ve watered both today and have my fingers crossed that the wilting plant may recover (after receiving a drink).

Thanks mate - I may have to try another variety too. Any that you can recommend for a newb with a reasonable Cannabinoid content?



I hope they settle down and get down to growing.
I haven’t done any extracting yet 0 only just starting my second grow.
My first grow was from clones, I did buy some very select seeds - but not from here. At the time, I could not get into the seedbank to order seeds or get to saved favourites. All of the strains I have are supposed to be very suited to extraction due to their resin production - I just want it for excellent smoke with pain relief properties (there is a list of my seeds in my journal).
I will probably get seeds from here eventually - they deleted my account - and when I opened a new one - it seemed to work. Only time will tell.
Most of the growers here are growing - or have grown the ILGM strains - but not me. In saying that, Skywalker OG, LSD, Trainwreck and OG Kush would be on my short list. :+1:

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I’m going to lean towards over watering, give it some time, and see if it looks better with time. Sounds like they got a bit of water and will take some time to dry out.

Thanks for the tip @aussie123556.

Will follow your advice for later this year. Also gonna try the blueberry strain. Doesn’t get as tall apparently.

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