Newbie with lighting question

I am setting up a new grow room. I am planning on growing one plant at a time. I am looking at an led light @ amgrow It is the AM-C480. Full spectrum 480w. I want to hang it in the corner of the room centered 2 ft from walls that are painted white. I was hoping someone with knowledge on lights could look this one up and see if it would do the job. Thank you for your time.

Welcome to the community. That link isn’t allowed, but that light has adequate coverage looks like for a 4x4. I bounce my ideas off of @dbrn32 he knows a little more than I do, mostly to verify.

Thank you for your answer. I didn’t realize the link was not allowed. I know there is unreliable marketing for led lights and this light I can purchase locally so I wanted to know if it is worth the money or I should consider a different light as I am on a limited budget.

At least they’ve the ppfd rating.

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Those are insanely expensive… Wowzers
They seem to be good lights the stats are great but for more than double the cost of a kingbright 480 kit and looking at the PPFD chart difference I personally don’t think the cost is even close to justifiable.

They don’t tell you what type of chips, how many reds, how many blues, does it include any uv…

Your on a limited budget then get a kingbright =p
To my knowledge they are the best bang for your buck lights on the market.

Do they put out PPFD numbers? Insanely expensive? I guess you don’t want to know that my Rapid LED kit was almost the same price then?

Seem pretty pricey for what you’re getting. Hlg-550 is cheaper and has higher flux.


Thank you very much for checking this for me. I checked the price on the hlb 550 and found it sold out or about the same price.

They do yes
They also have the same efficiency I belive as above.

In a 4x4 at 19.68" these are their two 480w pffd tables,

they also have board styles like the hlg 550 with or without uv, in 301b or 301h

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I seen 900 for it with dimmer, which is $50 more. If you use any of the 10% coupons would be more like $130 cheaper.

I appreciate the information. Thanks.

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Which of the HLG 550 do you recommend for my needs.

I would get r-spec.


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