Newbie with Gold Tips

I have gold tips appearing on my 5 week old GS cookies?
I am an newbie, and trying to learn how to ask questions and post!
Sorry if I am stepping on toes! Thank you for your understanding and help :nerd_face:

Sounds like nutrient burn, but if you can post a picture it would be helpful. @Blackjeti

Thank you I will try, I am not to good at this blog!

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I’ll move it for you. It’s going in Beginner Grow Journals

Look for ‘Newbie with Gold Tips’

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Welcome to the community ! Considered nute burn but That is very minimal, actually it’s pretty common . Really nothing to be worried about.

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Welcome to the forum great people around to help you! Nothing I would worry about either. Happy growing!

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Thank you all! Just got nervous I was doing something bad!

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We’re pretty chill here. Welcome!

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You growing outdoors, first grow?

Hey Zee, yes! And I got a big tip for all newbies! Anyone want to know what it is! :nerd_face:

Zee, hi I need some knowledge on when to try to get my girls to bloom?

Change the light schedule to 12/12?

I would like to purchase some Bergmans fertilizer but it is always sold out what can I do? Please reply!

Okay, thanks! I want to get some nute’s from Bergmans, like the soil fertilizer, but it is always sold out any suggestions?

Jack nutrients are pretty much what a lot of members are switching to, or want to switch. They’re affordable, it’s a powdered nutrient, so a little goes far. Cost is .03 cents a gallon each use.

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Thank you so much for getting back to me, I will check that out!

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