Newbie with droopy yellowing lower leaves

First time grower here. Day 22. Larger plant in photo is White Widow and smaller is Bubble Gum. Both Autoflower. Included photo of setup.

Auto. Fem Seed
Soil - Fertile Pots 4”x4”
Passive air system with one vent open
Water ph meter is ordered
Soil medium. 80% TLO 2.2 mix + 20% worm castings
Above mix @ 80% + 20% perlite
Indoor tent 3x3x6
HLG QB 260W 4K @ 24” above plants at 20/4 cycle
Day temp 78 +/-
Day Rh 60 +/-
Exhaust fan 200 m3/h set to lower side of high
Humidifier set point @ 50
Co2 - no

Notes: Watered with mammoth p on day 9 of sprout

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Could very well be your water PH.

Not sure what your soil mix is, but soil has nutrients and coco /peat/perlite doesn’t so if your in soil you want to read your run off with a tds meter before you feed to know if and how much you need to feed.

Pre tip stay away from those peat/compostable pots they dry out to fast. Stick with a solo cup with some holes poked in it or even better in jiffy pucks with a starter propigator/seed starter dome. Then work to 5 gallon smart pot and have something you can dome over it.

Is this a soil or a soil less grow?
Be sure to mix in 30% perlite into any mix you grow in because cannabis, autoflower even more so, like airey soil.

Did you water before these pictures? Your plants look droopy or did lights just come on?

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While you are ordering meters you should order a TDS meter so you can determine both availability of nutrients (PH) and their presence (TDS). Having a soil buffered for cannabis is a much better choice although you can adulterate it yourself: it just requires you to do some additional work. If you don’t you run the very real risk of the plants getting in trouble during flower.


We have a tds meter but aren’t really sure how to use it. We are using ocean forest as a base. Both look worse today. White Widow looks much worse with leaves curling and purple patches. Stems are turning purple.

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Checked soil PH this morning and its at 6.8. Top leaves have perked up but bottom leaves are worsening. Widow looks much worse. Leaves are much more droopy, stems are purple, and leaves have some dark patches. I have included some photos. First three are Widow and last one is Bubble Gum. Leaning toward a phosphorus deficiency? Any help is appreciated.

As far as questions about the soil here Is my soil mix:
Soil mix 2.2 TLO
6 gal organic soil mix (ocean forest)
2 gal coconut coir fiber
4 gal earthworm Castings
1/2 c greensand
1/4 c ground oyster shell
1/2 c blood meal
1/2 c bat guano
2 c feather meal
2 c alfalfa meal
2 c dolomite lime
1 c garden gypsum
2 c bone meal
1/2 c organicare pure grow

I promise you don’t have a phosphorus deficiency. I would suspect a lockout due to some excess.

FYI you took a perfectly fine cannabis soil and did ‘something’ to it. Did you do a slurry test on new soil, did you allow it to cook together, do you know the native PH and TDS of soil?

Did you check the calibration on your PH meter?

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I did not do a slurry test on the soil (will have to look into that for the future).
The Ocean Forest soil had a PH of 6.8 and after I cooked It along with the amendments for 1 month I was reading 6.7 +/- with a Gain Express probe meter.

Until I can get my water PH value I have been using well water with a reading around 220ppm and have been cutting that down with distilled water at 50/50 ratio.

Appreciate the feedback. The plants are still alive which makes me happy.


I’ve added the soil mix ingredients. I’ll try the dome next time. Good idea. I’ve added an update with more photos. Any advice? We now have more yellowing, dark patches and purple stems.

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My Geuss is your water PH is out of wack, although clean water tds wise so that’s good considering your on well water.

@Myfriendis410 as always making good points.

Just gotta wait for your PH meter and have PH up/down buffer ready.
Feed 6.5 ph water once you get it.
Until then fingers crossed.

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