Newbie with a random question

Hi everyone, I’m very much a newbie both in using and in growing! I think I’ve had maybe 6 joints in my 48 years lol and have made the executive decision to grow some plants both for personal use (chronic pain) and to potentially make a few bucks.

I’ve been stalking the forum for the past week and am loving the positive vibes and helpful peeps on here and would love to get to know everyone and continue my learning on this new venture.

I purchased some ILGM feminised seeds, I am waiting on the led grow lights I ordered off eBay but I don’t have a grow tent as yet. I do however have an old truck body I’m going to repurpose instead. Will this work??

It’s approx 16’L x 8’ W and I have some reflective house insulation to line it with. I’m out in the bush on 8000acres so I’m not too concerned about any smell etc lol. What would be the most important things for me to consider?? Thanks :blush:


Nutrients /water- Light/sun soil/environmentals


Just wait til it’s legal there, you’ll have enough to make millions lol!

Welcome to the forum! You definitely found the right place! Curious what lights you bought? Lights are probably the most important part of the set up in my opinion


Giddy up. I started when covid hit. Been through an in door and out door grow. Started with high CBD plants. ILGM is a great place to learn. MANY helpful people here. Welcome. Have fun. I’d recommend LED lights from HLG. I bought the DYI lights. Easy to put together and they work great. Getting ready to plant out side soon. Good luck

Sounds like you got photos so you’ll have to make sure theres no light during dark period even duck taping lights on surge bars and other small devices , also medium is very important the best plants ive gotten have been in coco coir bricks I rehydrate and double buffered

Humidity - humidifier & dehumidifier
Air temp - ac & heat
Air flow - intake & exhaust
Timers (for lights)
Controllers to know everything is in range

Add this to Randy’s list

Outside temps will greatly affect the swings inside your grow area. I’d try to insulate the space

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Thanks guys for the warm welcome and useful tips!

I’ll try to attach a screenshot of the lights I bought. Just cheapies cos I’m on a budget but will most likely upgrade down the track once I get a bit more of a handle on what I’m doing lol. I bought 4 of the 8000w ones that are apparently the equivalent of 45w each. I have absolutely no idea how that equates, I just opted for the bigger is better option :joy:

The seeds I bought 5 each of are amnesia haze, big bud, girl scout cookies extreme, Bruce Banner, chocolope and one who’s name escapes me right now.

I’m in Queensland Australia so sadly I don’t think it’s going to be legal anytime soon. They don’t refer to it as the nanny state for nothing! I doubt they’ll ever legalise it as the government can’t regulate it and tax it easily.

I’ll have a look this week for appropriate growing mediums and see what’s available. I might try a couple of different things to assess the situation lol.

I’m going to try one seed of each under lights over winter for my first grow and have already picked out a nice secluded spot in one of the paddocks for my second sowing in spring. I’ll be setting things up later in the week once the lights arrive and will update again then.

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I’ve been trying to attach the screenshot of the lights and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s not working.

Lights loghts lights. Number 1. Lights are the engine to growing without the engine u just sit there in last place.

Yeah cancel those lights… Look on Horticulture Lighting Group website… they have the bees knees of grow lights.

No blurples. I’m noob but I’m sure that’s sage advice

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@Mr_Wormwood @Dankloud @Mark0427

Thanks! I’ll definitely be taking all useful advice on board ! I’m super curious to see how everything pans out once I get setup. Super excited! I love growing things and am really looking forward to looking after these lovely ladies.

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