Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


Update - Day 37

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Progress is steady, the girls are getting bigger. I think they have started to turn, but I’m not sure. If I leave the light at 18/6 when they do will it do any damage seeing as they’re autos? :thinking:


You can run any light schedule you want with autos. No sweat.


37 days from sprout they should be flowering soon! @Buds007


That’s what I was thinking @bob31, what am I looking for to tell me they have started? Cause in the close up shot you can see little white hairs up the top, is that what I’m looking for? :thinking:

Thanks @Myfriendis410, is there any reason why I shouldn’t just leave the lights at 18/6 for the whole grow? Wouldn’t that be better having more light? :thinking:


That’s what I’d do with autos. That or 16/8.


Update - Day 42

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Everything is looking good with the girls, just wondering if they have started flowering yet? :thinking:


I can see a pistil or two!!! @Buds007 flip the switch to 12/12! :+1:


@AmnesiaHaze Wicked dude, sounds like a good plan! :+1: :smile:


I agree you can flip if your ready


They’re autos, you don’t need to flip.

Just keep them at 18/6 or 16/8 all the way through.


@arcticGrow I was thinking about doing that. I’ll finish this week & then flip the switch to bloom nutes & leave the light. :+1:


Update - Day 52 (Week 1 of Flower)

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My little girls are growing & I’m so proud. Next thing they’ll be heading off the Drying & Curing College & I’ll be all alone (with some tasty meds :smile: )

I did a bit of a trim & let some light in to the lower buds, & there is a lot of them. :+1: :smile:


You might start to remove some lower level plant material that you think won’t be productive. Before too many resources are diverted.


@Myfriendis410 does that include the buds or just the leaves? :thinking:




Thanks @Myfriendis410 :+1: :smile:


Sorry: We’re on the road and my wife took the wheel for a while. Safe and sane 79 mph on I10!


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Hey everyone, I’m about to move my tent to a new home (newly renovated old laundry) & I’ll be switching to my new Mars II 1600w(actual of about 630w), giving me about 40w/sqft in my 4 x 4. I’m currently using a 300w Viparspectra(actual of about 136w & only have 2 plants, what I’m wondering is if I change the light when I move the tent will it have any bad effect on my girls, & if so, is there anything I should do, or look out for, to prevent any problems with the light transition? :thinking:


You should see good response frim the girl since your gaining light
Nice suggest you start the new light out high and lower it slowly until you get a fell for how the olants react
Sounds like a good plan tho
Happy growing :v:️CB



You don’t say what stage your two plants are in a 12/12 in flower would not be good. if they are switch when lights go out. Then when you turn lights on your all set and plants are all fine.
Other wise if not in flower ya just go for it