Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


@Myfriendis410 I used up my rewards points at the local hardware before they expire at the end of the year & got myself a nice spray bottle, takes about 1/2gal & has measure makes on the side. Should make it easier to know how much I’m watering. :+1:


@buds007 i was just showing this to someone else and thought it might help you also. in here is the guide to how much/how often u should be watering and a lot of other stuff i thought i knew and was completely wrong about. lmao


Wow @noobius, thanks for that, definitely a lot of info I had no idea about. :+1:


Update - Day 24

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @peachfuzz @garrigan65 @Myfriendis410 @FreakyDeekie @AmnesiaHaze

Great news, they have started to take off since I started feeding, have to thank all who have given advice. :grin: :+1:


@Buds007 Wow! Nice nodes very close together, you have perfect light distance, keep that distance constant while she grows and move up accordingly until flower you probably can be a little closer than let’s say your first week of veg​:+1:Full flowering plants can take more intense lighting. I have full spectrum leds just like yours the pink sort of gets to my eyes,but it’s the perfect simulation of the suns rays including UV and IR, I think I might get a new cob bridgelux or Cree light to mix in more of a white light so I can see the plants much easier. Helps with diagnosing too :wink:


Thanks @AmnesiaHaze, this one is a 300w Viparspectra(about 120 actual). This one is variable & has bloom/veg switches, only using veg at the moment. I have got a Mars Hydro II 1600, who’s is about 620w actual, to swap with when the girls get bigger. When I change to bloom phase do I put just the bloom on or both?

Also, I am looking at getting a fan & carbon filter setup soon, any ideas what size I need for a 4x4x6.5? I was looking at these two on eBay.


@Buds007 sorry for delay in response buddy wass dealing with some personal things
Looks like you had pleanty of great help
Your tent has 104 cubic feet you want to size exhaust accordingly
Use a inline fan that draws 100 cfm and intake fan if using one should be rated for about 1/2-3/4 of exhaust you can get same size fan fir intake and ise a speed controller to adjust in your tent you want to keep a negative pressure this will prevent smells from escaping
Which is why intake should always be sized a bit smaller
Have a great day and happy growing
If i can assist any more let me know
Im a commercial HVAC mechanic with 25 years experience fyi
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Awesome dude, thanks heaps @Buds007, & don’t worry about the delayed response, I’m sure I can handle the 10mins it took, hahaha. :laughing:

So does the filter go inside or outside the tent?


@Buds007 the filter can be in the tent and the fan pulls the air in the tent thru the filter or they can be outside the tent and the fan pushes air into the filter.

Both will work



@Buds007 I prefer in tent myself hung above lights
but as @bob31 stated either way works
the filters are designed to be pulled threw tho


Update - Day 28

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So I bought the second of the two extractor fans above & now I’m just waiting for it to turn up.

The girls are starting to really take off, but I’m not sure if I should take the bottles off them yet, what do you guys think?
Also, I think I might be over watering them, the new leaves seem to be hanging down. I’ve already halved the watering regime, should I stop & wait till the leaves perk up or is that just from the soft drink bottles? :thinking:


From the pictures you can’t really tell if the soil is wet or not @Buds007


@AmnesiaHaze I just watered them (about 1/8gal or 250ml) so it would be hard to tell now, but the soil was damp. I was just thinking that the soft drink bottles might be keeping the humidity too high now & making the new leaves droop, could that be the cause or is it that the soil is too damp when I water? :thinking:



How old are they now? I usually say domes off as soon as the first true set of leaves pop out. Unless they are real tiny?

Do me a favor, one more pic under white or natural light of the plants.


Let’s your surface of the soil dry out completely, it will be damp under neath for a couple days :wink: @Buds007 check them thoughout the day


I agree with @AmnesiaHaze, let it dry out completely. Poke your finger in the soil near the plant gently up the first knuckle. it should be dry to that knuckle before you water. and you can most definitely remove the bottles.


Cool, thanks everyone, domes are gone!

Here’s a couple of pics under normal light @bob31


Your leaves are curling up, possible humidity issue? Or light too intense/close? And the color seems a deficiency of some kind. @bob31 can we get a chart pulled up for @Buds007 :+1:


@AmnesiaHaze That makes sense since they were in the domes & the humidity would have been very high in there.

I might raise the lights a bit & see how that goes.


:+1: sounds good I hope the best for you. I can try to find a chart for a deficiency real quick. One min. @Buds007