Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


You won’t need to feed them for the first month of veg. The soil should have everything it needs to carry it all the way to flower. Right now, the big thing is go easy on the water.


Thanks @Myfriendis410, I’ve just been spraying them lightly with pH’d water once a day, is that ok?


I would say your plant has developed a tap root so you could start soil watering. Don’t soak the soil yet because you want the roots to both dry out and hunt for water. Start with a small amount like 3 tablespoons and water a bit away from the plant so it has to search for it. If that amount doesn’t last 2 days, increase it. Always ph 6.5 just before. It won’t store afterwards.


Cool, thanks @Myfriendis410. I’ve been giving them a couple of sprays, now I’ll just spray the top of the soil every second day & see how dry it gets. :+1:


Day 15

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So not much has happened in the last few day, all the business must be going on underground. I did notice that the left plant has some yellowing on the right first leaf, is that anything I need to worry about?

Still waiting for the second pair to come up, not sure what’s wrong but they look like they are trying.


@Buds007 Pics under LED are fine, but if you are asking us to look at something we really need to have the pic under white or natural light. I’ve not been able to see any yellowing in the pic.


Hey @bob31, didn’t think about that, lol. Here’s a pic under white light. :+1:


Careful not to over water. She does look good.


@Buds007 you are on the right path. My only suggestion is using a type of dome it will keep them moist enough to grow quickly. Seedlings and young teens love their humidity and warmth!


@AmnesiaHaze, yeah I’ve got them in a small fishtank I made & there’s always swear on the glass. :+1:


Oh I see :face_with_monocle::laughing:


Update Day 16

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So as I thought(mainly from reading here) the action was going on underground & now the roots are starting to come out the bottom of the new pot. Should I be repotting in to their final 11gal fabric pots, or will it be ok for a little while? :thinking:

Also, I think I’m going to have to call it on the second two & start another two beans. Not sure what went wrong, they just seemed to stagnate. :frowning_face:


Remind me what girls you are growing

Their age

The size of the pots they are in right now?

If the roots are coming out the bottom, you have to transplant as you don’t want to damage to roots trying to get them out of the pot @Buds007

Are these girls going outside? ( 11 Gal Pots) are pretty big!


They are WWA from here @bob31

They are just over two weeks old.

The pots they are in are 4" wide x 6" tall

I will have to repot them over the weekend

They were going to go outside but the missus said it would be best to go indoor, so she got me a 4’x4’x6.5’ tent(cool huh! :+1: ) They are pretty big but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.


Save some money and get some 3 gallon bags thats all autos need indoors! You would just be wasting the soil. The 3 gallon bags are pretty inexpensive on amazon


1-2-3-5-7-10 gallon soft pots


Thanks @bob31, I will pick some up. :+1:


Update - Day 19

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I got some 3gal plastic pots(couldn’t get any fabric pots near me, but I have ordered some for the next grow) & I transplanted them into their forever homes. I also pulled the plug on the other two, had to be done. I’ve also put up the tent & they definitely look very small inside, lol.

Also, the one on the right is going a bit yellow, should I start using nutrients? My tap water is 6.5 so I’m hoping pH is not the problem.



Here a pic under normal light. :+1:


She looks hungry @Buds007 get her a meal :+1::wink: