Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


There’s really nothing but pros with them… if you can keep water temps in control then you’ll be good… if you can throw a air stone in there then you’ll be even better… it’s a soil / hydro grow… so it’s the best of both worlds… I like to layer my soil when using them and I feed for the last 5 or so weeks of flower… I’ve only grew veges and things outside with them… I’ve had 10 foot tall or taller tomato plants with softball size tomatoes hanging off them… indoor mj grows have been ridiculous using these buckets… :wink:
Extremely good medicine… :wink:

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Thanks @peachfuzz, yeah medicine is good! :grin:

I think I’ll give them a go, summer here should keep the res temps in the zone.

What’s a good wattage LED light to use for germination? I’ve got a dome & heat mat, now I just need a light.


This works extremely well for germinating seeds…
A little diy project…

Im not to sure about germinating with LEDs but I know that I used this for a few years with great results until I bought my first t5ho fixture… :wink:

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That’s a pretty nifty diy job there @peach_fuzz nice work. I pulled the trigger on a dimmable 300w viparspectra, I figured I could dial it back a bit if it’s too strong.

I’ve also been looking at the Autopot watering systems, anyone had any experience with these?


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971, this is the thread I started. I’m about to go to Europe for 6 weeks, visiting relos, & I wanted to get everything sorted before I left so I can drop my beans as soon as I get back.

I have been searching around & found a gardening centre that has a hydro section & the owner isn’t dumb, only problem is it’s over an hour away, doh! Anyway, I’m going to get some coco/perlite mix to use in the 11gal fabric pots I have, still tossing up whether to do 2 or 4 pots. I have decide to give scroging them a go after reading your thread, thanks for the motivation. :+1:t3:


Nice @Buds007 Amazon and Walmart online are both good resources as well FYI
I just started to use the promix bx and I’m loving it
Enjoy the trip to Europe brother we will be here when you return and drop the beans
Also most of us use five gallon pot indoors for photos and three for Autos
Outdoors is another animal lol I use 15-25 gal outside
And if you scrog one plant is best per screen
Set to watching


@Countryboyjvd1971 I am doing the first one outdoor as summer is starting when I get back. Yeah we don’t get much luck with most of the retailers on Amazon down under & I’m not sure Walmart will give us much joy either, plus most shipping prices from the US are ridonkulous.

I have some WW autos on their way & im really excited to get them (although it’s almost been a month since I ordered so I’m getting a bit worried), I do have some random bag seeds as backup if they don’t make it. :thinking:


@Buds007 10/4 I missed the fact your down under as we say here
There are a bunch of guys for you part of the world on here
@Coltfire is one if I’m not mistaken maybe they could assist you in finding material a bit easier
I’ll try to remember who else is as well
Don’t worry about seeds you’ll get them Iglm is great like that even if a problem occurs they will make things right
I personally haven’t had any issues but know others have and did get the seeds eventually
Glad you have bag seeds as back up tho WooHoo
@BondPacker is as well but haven’t seen him since last fall harvest in your area


Thanks mate, that would be awesome.

Yeah, I heard off my mate that a fair few local guys who grow round my area grew a lot of males last year(not sure why, maybe to get seed stock) but most of the other people who grew last year had seed in their buds, even if they had no males or hermies, must have been a lot of pollen around, bonus free seeds for me though. :+1:t3:


Yeah the pollen can travel for miles so if you have breeders of grower with males you’ll probably get seeds also if you growing outdoors
I grow inside and out myself and to my knowledge nobody in my immediate area is growing so not a issue for me outside
I heard of people setting up misters around the perimeter of the garden and running them 24/7 at flowering time to keep pollen away from there plants ?
I personally don’t mind a few seeds in my bud but definitely don’t want them full of seeds
I would probably either stop growing outdoors or try the misters if I knew males where around
I killl :smiling_imp: all males in my garden lol


Yeah I’m only doing the first outside, just cause my indoor kit won’t be setup in time. I won’t be spewing if I use the bag seeds, be a different story with the ilgm WWs though.

Apparently that was a one off thing for around here, hopefully this year won’t have as many males. :crossed_fingers:t3:


Ok, so I’m back from my holidays & my WWA seeds are here(also got some AH fem & SSH fem seeds while I was away in Germany, thanks ILGM!) & now I’m ready to drop them. What’s the general consensus on the best way to germinate them, light, temp, pH, etc? @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @peachfuzz @garrigan65 @Myfriendis410 @FreakyDeekie


If you follow the germination instructions that was provided when you ordered seeds you’ll be fine @Buds007
In the email tbey sent you there should have been a link if you can find it let me know


Thanks heaps @Countryboyjvd1971, I’ll do that. :+1:t3:


Its best way and if they dont germinate they will replace them @Buds007 not that youll have a issue
Keep me post buddy


Sounds like an awesome plan @Countryboyjvd1971

Seed are in water! :+1: :grin:


Sweet @Buds007
Strap in for the ride folks
here we go hahahahah


Just leave them in there until a visible taproot is showing and when you plant it, do it in a medium designed for seeds. This will help immeasurably.


excited to see your grow. ill be trying the WW autos next so im excited to see how they do for you. good luck and ill be following along.


Pass the popcorn! Along for the ride! @Buds007