Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


That’s awesome @garrigan65, much appreciated!

So far I’ve decided to start in peat balls & move to 5gal fabric pots with the soil above, should I have an intermediate size pot?



Start them off in small pots. Then when they get to veg stage you can transplant them into the last home. That’s where i can help you the most and you’ll only need to get a few things to grow without any problems as far as deficiency’s go.

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Sounds like an awesome plan @garrigan65.

Now for the next question, what are all the stages & roughly how long do they take, or should they take?



1.) First stage…seedling grows till it has 5 or 6 true sets of leafs. only water no nutrients.

2.) Veg stage…transplant into last home ( Soil mix to come later )

3.) Flower

4.) Harvest

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That’s great @garrigan65, so how long roughly should each stage take?

Also, when watering, do I need nutrients all the time (after seedling stage) or sometimes just plain water?



The stages of growth vary from one grow room to another. You’ll know when. and what i show you or have do you won’t need nutrients. just water and some tea for the girls.

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That sounds awesome @garrigan65, I can’t wait till my seeds arrive & I can get started in November.


@Buds007 that the thing about Will @garrigan65 he knows a thing or two about a thing or two!



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Hey bob…maybe 3 or 4 but mostly 2 or 3 lmao

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So I’ve been reading a lot in the last few day(so much my missus thinks I’m ignoring her cause I’m angry or something, lol) & I have a few more questions. Which is the best way to grow out of either, plain soil, self watering soil buckets(@peachfuzz diy pots) or DWC? Each have their benefits & downfalls, so I’d like to hear all your opinions. :thinking:


Are you in a legal state where you won’t be having to move them around or camouflage them… and do you have a spot that gets first sun to about 1 pm … and what kind of weather conditions do think your going to be growing in… also are these going to be auto’s or photo’s… ? :wink:

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@peachfuzz It is illegal here but it’s just a fine if you get caught & pretty much everyone round here grow in summer. I’m growing in the chicken coup run, it’s fenced all round & is about 6.5m x 6.5m so I don’t think I’ll have to move them, we are on 2.5 acres. I’ll be putting the plants on the southern side of the run to get max sun, should be about 12-14hrs of direct sun & about 18 of light. It’s fairly cold here so max temp in summer are around 30-32C(average 25-30) & nights are around 15-20C. I’ve got some WW autos coming for this first go at it.


Sounds like they might have a good go at it… :wink:
Have you ever looked up (rain gutter gardening)?
I think that would be a good option for you… as long as you can keep your water temps in control … maybe Bary the gutters to keep them cool… tomato cages would work or you could net them… :wink:
Look that up on u tube and see what you think… :wink:

If not I have more ideas to share… :wink:

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@peachfuzz that looks like a cool system but it’s a bit permanent, how would the nutrients go with constant auto top ups? Wouldn’t that dilute the reservior? :thinking:
I hope to only use this once till I get an indoor setup sorted so I would like to use something I can use in the tent later on. :grin:


So l’m thinking of getting a grow light for germination & to hopefully use further down the track when I start growing indoor, what is a good size light & what should I be looking for to make sure I don’t get something that’s junk?


Looking at light as well for the future tent & I saw that 65w/sqft is recommended, is that the light rating or the actual draw? For example, on a 4x4 tent(16sqft) so roughly 1000w, I was looking at a viparspectra 900w LED & it says it’s equivalent to 1000w HPS/MH & it only draws 450w, is this the light I’m looking for or am I getting it wrong, & can I use this for germination & seedlings? :thinking:


Actually 50w per sf is what is recommended. You would need two of those for your 4x4 tent. That would give you 56w per sf.


Thanks @Rugar89, so it’s the wattage draw, not the equivalent output I have to look at? Is this light ok for germination & seedlings, or do I need something a bit smaller?


It’s actual watts, not equivalent. Most of the lighting companies lie about the equivalent,

I have a 400 true watt LED in a 3x3 tent and use it for the entire grow. I run it 40" above the tops for seedlings, and then at 25" for the rest of the grow.i


That makes much more sense @Rugar89, thanks heaps! :+1:

Now, getting back to the pots for this grow, @peachfuzz you mentioned you had more ideas? I do like your diy self watering pots, very similar to the rain gutter system, just a bit more mobile. What would the pros & cons be of them over DWC pots?