Newbie with a million Q's getting ready for this summers outdoor


You might want to run the lights on there schedule for a couple days with no plants , just to make sure that it don’t get too hot in there… :wink:
Make sure everything is working like it’s supposed to… :wink:
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They are white widow autos & they are in the first week of flower nutes.

Thanks for the help @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 & @peachfuzz I was a bit worried they might not react well to the massive increase of light. Hopefully the new light will put some good size on the buds.

I think I’ll run it for a couple of days & then change the light overnight & start it at about 24" above the girls, then slowly lower it keeping an eye on how they react. :+1: :smile:



That’s perfect. Just lower the light and check it with the back of your hand. If the light feels hot to the back of your hand then it feels that way to your plants so you must raise your lights till your hand feels comfortable and your plants will thank you



Thanks @garrigan65, Will do! (See what I did there, I crack myself up sometimes, lol :smile: )


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So I’ve changed the light over & its way way better, only thing is there’s a fair bit more heat now (kind of expected it) & I’m thinking I should switch the light to run at night cause Aussie summer is pretty harsh, what would be the best way to transition this move? :thinking:

Now the girls are WW autos so I’m thinking they will be a bit more forgiving with the photo period change, but just not sure.


Just change them over… auto’s… they will be fine… :wink:
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Phew, thanks @peachfuzz, that’s a load off my mind. :+1: :smile:


So I did the changeover last night, the temps are down & the leaves are standing back up as they started to droop yesterday, so I’m a happy chappie. Thanks for the help! Pics to follow this evening when the lights come on. :+1: :smile:


Update - Day 67 (Week 3 of flower)

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @peachfuzz @garrigan65 @Myfriendis410 @FreakyDeekie @AmnesiaHaze @arcticGrow @Powaforce @noobius

Everything is going along nicely, the new light is really starting to make the buds thicken up. Starting to get excited, only about 4-5 weeks to go. :wink:

Sorry about the lighting, it’s a bit harder to get natural light pics since I moved the tent.


Update - Day 76 (Week 4 of Flower)

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I went away for a few days & left my daughters boyfriend to water the girls. I’m absolutely stoked to see they have started to really thicken up, so much so that I had to put a stake in the middle cause to top colah was almost horizontal. Now there are also some side buds that are bent right out & they are horizontal too, should I tie them up so they are straight again or will they be fine?

Here’s some bud porn, enjoy! :+1: :smile:


Should probably tie them up just to keep em from falling. Don’t have to be straight up and down, but just for support. Looking good. Looks like u might finish before mine… :frowning: lol I can’t wait


Beautiful plant! I would tie them just to prevent breaking.


Looks amazing!


Update - Day 80 (Week 5 of Flower)

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @peachfuzz @garrigan65 @Myfriendis410 @FreakyDeekie @AmnesiaHaze @arcticGrow @Powaforce @noobius

The buds are getting thicker, stickier & the whole place smells very citrusy, I couldn’t be happier! I think I have between 2 & 4 weeks to go & I’m starting to get really excited to see the end results.

I took some pics of the trics, let me know what you guys think. :+1: :smile:


Nice tricombes @Buds007


She’s LOADED! I see some milky but a lot of clear. Definitely time to keep a close eye on it. Gorgeous!


Wow, thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 & @Myfriendis410, I will definitely keep an eye on it. The recommendation for flower on these says 60 days so that will be about 2 weeks left, then the fun of drying & curing begins. :+1:

Thy are soooooooo smelly, it’s awesome! :smile:


But if you add a teaspoon or tablespoon of sugar whatever doesn’t matter to your water just water just water and sugar each time you water. Just wait and see what happens they will build up with so much you wouldn’t believe the your plants


@garrigan65 I think I already am, one of the Cyco solutions in the kit is called Suga Rush & it’s really thick & gloopy, I think it is some sort of sugar syrup or has molasses in it. :+1: :smile:



Oh then your all set…lol
can’t wait to see the results