Newbie- What's wrong with my plants?!?

Newbie- What’s wrong with my plants- NYC area. I’ve planted this four plants from seeds. Two seedlings didn’t make it. I’ve had them in a garden in NYC for the last month or so and as they become more distinct in apperence and smell I’ve moved them upstate to a country house. I have them on the porch which gets a lot of natural light, but my plants stems feel flimsy and I’m noticing different spots on the leaves as well as yellow leafs on the bottom of the stems. What’s wrong with my plants ? What can I do to healthily maintain them? I’ve used a little bat guano as well as some soft clay soil as fertilizer to the soil… I hope I didn’t ruin them Help me please!?!


Just my opinion. Well for one they look like they are stretching for light, two they look like they may have a nutrient deficiency and 3 the spots on the leaf look like either a burn or pests but I can’t really tell because the picture isn’t close enough to the leaf to tell. Again just my opinion so wait for others to chime in before any action.


My guess would be a combination of over watering and lack of nutrients (ph too).

First, I would download and read Robert’s free grow bible. Then, fill out a support ticket and we will try to help. Your plants should be fine.



I agree with @Myfriendis410 on everything

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I see some tiny white spots in picture #3? … Maybe a closer picture of that plant… If that is really what I see take a magnifier and look under that leave… I think you got spider mites (I also have leaves whit tiny white spots and under them are spider mites). So take a good look at that leave (under)



With the responces of @Myfriendis410 and @M4ur, I think they got you covered.

…I’d work on those spider mites asap. Theres many formulas on the market that can knock’em dead, or some of the guys here make their own at home.

Good luck man, don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Cheers.


Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it!

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It’s not a problem at all that’s what we’re all here for :blush:

Good catch on the spider mites @M4ur. I’ve never experienced them so don’t look for it.


I don’t know about them before… I Just saw everyday new white dots on the leaves.

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Thanks for all the wonderful tips and suggestions. I’ve had some ups and downs with spider mites. I’ve traveled and left the plants to nature and the rain and it seems my plants have survived. I think I’ve reached the point to harvest, but wanted to check in with my fam here first. Any suggestions/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy harvest!