Newbie what to awod this

Ppm 650 in 1100 kit
Ph6.5 in 8.2out
Hlg240 light

Iam on flush right now but have put 50L in a 15L pot but now down in 7.3 ph looking for 6.5.

What you Think I did wrong?
Maby not inoff runoff when watering but what is the leaf tell you Masters?

Week 5 flower

Could you please post a pic or 2 of the full plant? It’s really hard to tell anything from 1 leaf.

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Possibly nute burn. What are your feeding practices?

Now p and k only

What kind of soil and what were you feeding prior to the PK only? For ph out you need to do a soil slurry test. You can google how to do one, that is the best indication of what the soil ph is… I find the ph out of the water can be higher than the soil so I’d start there - I’m a newbie as well, so I’m going to tag a few experts here:
@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410

Looks like a lot of nutrient burn, I would retain nitrogen until a little farther into flowering. It’s starting to show nitrogen deficiency.
I would flush and reset, then start feeding again.

Yeep just flush here whid 6.0 and ppm170 of p,k.

Have 3 girls more and they not look like shit feed same and one of they is blue chees and find lithle yellow but turn more green after put Epson in water.

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