Newbie, wanting to grow Thai Autos outdoors

Greetings all, I am a new grower with one grow flowering and just starting another. I wanted to grow some Thai because that is the first quality weed I ever smoked. The seeds germinated 8 days ago, one is doing great the other still doesn’t have any fan leaves, go figure. I plan on putting them in 10 gallon fabric pots with Ocean Forest and Earths Living Soil in the bottom third. They will be out in the Virginia heat and humidity but should be able to handle it. 8 days until Virginia is legal. Thanks for having me.


Off to a great start! Good looking plants. Do you have your nutrients lined up?
I would get some captain Jack’s dead bug, and neem oil as a pretreatment to pests for outside.
Otherwise they will do well!
Happy growing! :seedling:


Like @Covertgrower said, Captain Jack’s Dead Bug, and Neem Oil will be your friend outdoors!

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It’s supposed to get the nutrients from the living soil and can be topped with it if need be. I’m open to any suggestions, advice. Got the bug stuff, have already had issues with spider mites and grasshoppers on my other outdoor plants.

Good luck I have had some good grows with NLS my best auto grow ever 11oz on 3 GSCX

@dirtydave NLS is what I meant to say. I have 6 other plants about 3 weeks into flower using the same method. They are all doing well.

Off to a great start. Keep up the good work. My best friend smoked Thai weed in Amsterdam back in 2003 and it dropped him for a 3 hour nap.

The only other thing I did was a basic compost tea once at the beginning of flower and again at 4 weeks my son still says that was the best bud I have grown