Newbie transplant

May5 ,Ak47,sprouted seed,Planted in a cell,the root came out of the bottom,transplanted into a biodegradable pot with nursery grade potting soil,again the root came out the bottom. Transplanted into 5 gal buckets filled w nursery potting soil. I was told my plants would die if the tap root saw light,I now have discoloration on a leaf,and some leaf damage. I check my 3 plants daily,they live on a deck 15 feet up,as I said in buckets( which are shaded,bucket not the plant), I do have a sunshade that blocks approx 20-30% of midday sun. ive checked every leaf with a monocular 10x. looking for bugs,had a few removed with my finger. I’m waiting for organic mite control as we speak.i have pics. Not sure how to share them. Is this transplant w/o roots being pot bound to soon,and is the 5 gal buckets enough or should I goahead and plant then in the ground. Pots have drain holes ,and I’m using flower power fertilizer,I chk ph daily,have spritzed leaves w weak fertilizer,I watch my water chlorine. I believe I’m coming down with a case of sensory overload,everytime I revert to the kiss guide to cannibas,I read another article that sends me over the edge,yet again. Thank you for your time.


First I would like to Welcome You to ILGM This is the place to be…look around the forum and you see what I mean.

OK…isn’t growing fun…lol
Why are you feeding them flower nutrients ?
I take it this is going to an outdoor grow ?

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Light system, size?

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Listen to our dear friend @garrigan62 and you should do fine getting things under control, if you need help outdoor growing I can help there as well

Strain is chronic auto fem. 5 gal buckets,nursery grade potting soil,. Outdoor,on a deck 15 feet high.
The sun is my light source . Right now the temps are in the low 90s. Humidity at 45-65%. Night temps at mid 60. Humidity same. Fertilizer is brand name Flower power. Both purchased from AMS. I’m sorry,I did not see you first. I am growing outdoors in pots.

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