Newbie to growing

Hey guys! So this is my first post too :smiley: Can anyone help me with a setup to start growing, I’d be growing out of my closet. I’ll add a picture below. I just wanted a little list or advice please, I’ve been reading a lot. It’s a little scary because I don’t want to fail but I guess I’ll learn if I do. Thank you guys so much!! Also I order Blueberry strain. I keep seeing everyone else’s stuff and it gets me so much more excited! Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Welcome to ilgm @MrTiger there are tons of grows already on here where folks have started from the ground up! You build cred on the site by reading those journals and liking them! Click the hearts at the bottom of the post to like it.

So let’s start with the size of your grow area?

A pH meter, pH up and down and 7.0 calibration fluid are a must.

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Just hit the upload button located in right down corner (if you are using a smartphone) and upload your photos

Hello! So I’m not exactly sure what the dimensions are right now because i have no idea where my measuring tape is because my wife put it somewhere and i just searched my whole house for it, but its probably a good 22’’ going back to the wall from where the door opens and a good 20’’ from that brown little dresser over to the wall. I could always move some stuff around too though. but when i get the measuring tape ill get exact measurings.

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Im on a computer because my phone wouldnt let me even post a topic, which was weird. But even on my computer it was taking forever to upload a 1.4mbs picture.

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How about height? @MrTiger

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Ill check right now, im using my feet because i have wear a 11 so its kind accurate lol… But im gonna go check right now


Haha I was gonna say to do that @MrTiger

So right @70sChick !! Well said!


okay so its about 66’’ until it hits my white holder thing for my hangers. So its good size i just moved all my clothes over too, i can move my shoes too if need be

There are clothes in your closet? I’m not sure that is gonna work out for you. When MJ goes into flower it emits a very distinct, um odor. I would suspect that the smell would get on your clothes. @MrTiger

Most of us have to use exhaust fans with filters to keep the smell under control as it can stink up the whole house!

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Oh yeah i wouldnt mind id probably move them tho, alot of it is just winter clothes though, so when time comes ill just wash them. But do you think id need more space ?

A 20"x22"x66" you can probably squeeze one or maybe two plants in there. Two would probably be too much though unless you grew a couple of smaller auto flowering plants like low Ryder.

Did you already order seeds?

The plastic drawer thing goes and you can fit another 2 plants in :slight_smile: Lots of info on here, and very helpful moderators.

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Welcome to ilgm ,they’re Grrrrrrreat!!! :wink::joy:

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Welcome @MrTiger

Hey hey okay so I couldn’t reply yesterday night because I reached my limit but, I was thinking maybe a carbon filter and I was looking at a 2x4 tent, I went to Walmart today to do a quick walk through on what I’ll get and found a humidifier and fan, I’m just gonna get the lights online, and I did buy seeds they went through yesterday on the morning on my card so I just have to wait till they get here now :smiley: I was thinking of a de odor scent thing or just candles but what else should I get ? Also how ya doing :smiley:

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I think the first day limit is to make sure you don’t inundate the site with porn, sales ads, etc :slight_smile:

Think about a way to raise and lower the lights, I think you’ll want the plants on the ground to maximize room. You can hang something from the clothes rod.

what seeds did you order? That will give us a hint on how much height you will have to work with! @MrTiger The seeds take about 10-14 Business days to the US.

Also I have found that you really need to treat auto sprouts different from regular/ fem seed sprouts

You can hold off on the carbon filter for now. They don’t really start to smell until they start to flower. There is a bunch of stuff you need though.

The single most important is the pH meter and pH up and down and calibration fluid.