Newbie to DWC - HELP 2 days into it and this?

Hey ~

I am a long time outdoor soil grower, diving into DWC for the first time. (This is my third - maybe last - try with this set up). I bought the “Bubba Kush” clones a couple of days ago. pH is around 5.8, seems hard to keep in narrow range, but I am monitoring it more closely this time. I know I am not being as precise and scientific as I could be in all this, and that is a risk. I do not (i.e.) have a PPM meter. I am using GH liquids, and the first “dose” was 1/3 strength - - trying to follow @latewood and his advice sheet, I have seen elsewhere in the forum.
OK Bottom line what is this and how do I reverse it?
IN advance thanks, and sorry if I am in the wrong spot…

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Wow good question…time to open up the bible because I too am curious…but b4 doing so let me bring in the heavy artillery
@Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @GreenThunder
These guys should be able to help…didn’t want to over do it with the heavy artillery by bringing in weapons of mass destruction to a fist fight lol haha


@Skylives07 You missed @Donaldj hahaha
I’m a soil guy so not much help with the hydro
But it almost looks like light bleaching ? How close are the lights ? @capod48
You need to maintain ph levels also


Country ~

Lights are LED, and about 2 inches above top of plants. Yes, doing my best to keep the pH as near to 5.8 as possible.

FYI ~ I also added some H2O2 today, figured it cant hurt.




I say @Countryboyjvd1971 is right that’s he first thing I thought when I saw the pics.


DDid those leaves get wet maybe under the leds that could coats a issue and you can still bleach your the pants with leds what should size fixture are you running ?
Two inches is kinda close


Country ~

No I do not think I spilled any liquid on those leaves, have not been using a foliar spray, etc.
The light is a UNIFUN. 45 watt.
Appreciate the help!! Thanks

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P.s. Moved lights to 4 inches above tops, thanks.

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Gosh @capod48 I’m not sure, you moved the light up, but I don’t think it’s the light, otherwise the leaves on the top would be even closer still to the light and would look worse before this one farther down. PH looks good, have you calibrated your meter? (Just checking) I suspect it’s a PPM issue with missing something, or too much of something. I’m a soil grower, so youll have to wait for a more experienced hydro grower. Maybe @Hogmaster might have something to add as well.
Thanks for tagging me @Skylives07

Photoinhibition is your problem, your leaves are “bleaching”

Look familiar?


Dub ~
Looks all too familiar BUT…It would seem to me logical that the topmost leaves, as in your pic are affected, but the leaves on my plants are half way down not near the top, and it is more sporadic than in your pic (though that may just be a matter of how long it has been going on…).
I moved the light to o6 inches, and will give that a couple of days…

Question ~. I have been running light on for 22 hours, should I cut that back, as well as moving the lights to 6 inches above? I think I will wait a day or so and see if moving the light up is enough or reduce the hours…thoughts? THANKS

It’s cool man but I know this, LEDs of any type placed 2" from the plant is to close.


Maybe this guide will help a little

PH meter was calibrated. :slight_smile:

WOW that is a lot further than I was led to believe…I will move the lights up even more…mmm how much is the question…THANKS!!

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@capod48 some led fixtures have lenses over the bulbs. If yours does, this would act like a magnifying glass and concentrate photons on one spot.

I’ve had the same thing on a Gold Leaf I’m growing under led’s. It’s just a random leaf and never near the top.

Led lights are known for a certain flaw they have focused narrow beam light early full spectrum light if placed too close would burn plants with spot patterns.

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Thanks to all…the LED’s do not have lenses over them, but I am moving the lights further away, but keeping the hours.