Newbie to autos and need help!

I am new to autos and need help at a critical juncture…I am somewhere around week 8 or 9 depending on when you start the clock. My baby’s fanleaves have been yellowing since early in veg…which has been alarming, but so far flowers look incredible. Now I am approaching flush time in my best estimate. Pistils are nearing 50% brown…almost all of my big fanleaves have yellowed and dropped or about to drop. Should I be concerned about the fanleaves?..and should I expect amber trichomes like you do with a fem photoperiod? What room temp do you aim for when drying? Thanks for any assistance!!

Pics speak volumes


Those look really nice, may be low on nitogen, but thats common late in flower. Without know your feeding schedule, its hard to assess. Good job in my opinion

thanks! I have been using the tri-pack from FoxFarms and have only used nutes every other water application. Didn’t used nutes until around week 5. The flowers are dense, I just don’t want to jump the gun too early…this is only my 2nd grow and I screwed up some really nice Widow fems on my first go round. Thanks so much for responding.

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Anytime! Why did you remove the pics? Other members may offer even more insight

I was thinking the same thing I wanted to :eyes:

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It was worth the look!

Meh, your good here

@dividedwook nice

I just drooled a little :drooling_face:

hopefully as the result of something positive :slight_smile:

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Yeah! All that beautiful bud! :rofl::heart_eyes:

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That said, would keep feeding. You have some nice looking buds. I think several weeks.

Have you looked at the trichomes?

Are you following a feeding schedule?

Continued success.

Lookin great! :+1::+1:

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What lovely looking plants… well done you! :sunflower::blush:

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Nothing to complain about there. Nice work!

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Thanks for responding…you are saying you think I still have several weeks? I have looked briefly at trichomes on the better developed bottom buds and no signs of amber as of yet.

i have added FF nutes every other watering. In my best estimate, I am approaching 9 weeks in and these are Girl Scout Cookie…Autos obviously.

Autos in my experience can run 70 to 110 days depending on when it started to flower. There have been growers that have autos that take 8 weeks of veg before they flip. So the auto harvest schedule is kinda iffy lately.

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Yeah Im pretty new at this…the trichomes are plentiful, but they are harder to analyze so far than photoperiod fems…at least so far. When I was researching before purchasing the seeds, one fella told me his Autos took 13 weeks, seed to harvest. That was a bit of a shock to me. I don’t think there is any way these make it 13 weeks.