Newbie starting need help and info

Been reading and reading. Seeting up a nfi system. I got the ideal readings for just about everything. Is there advantage to putting a heater in the reservoir to keep the water a certain temp. Indoor grow. Can you please give me your opinions on auto seeds vs reg seeds.

I will start by saying Autos will start flowering usually between 4 to 6 weeks good to try get them through seedling and veg stage without having any problems because of having a short veg stage. Regular feminized seeds you control when the flowering stage starts by flipping your lights to 12/12. They both have their advantages and disadvantages you should grow both to see which you like the best. Good luck

Like 68f is ideal.

Only grow auto’s outside" your indoors 100% control, why change that to grow a smaller autoflower plant" and it’s a chiller more than a heater you’ll need for the reservoir

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