Newbie, so far so good?

Ok, I germinated some seeds that I managed to find out of an eighth from a local dispensary, the strain is called Oregon Noble. This is the first time I’ve ever tried to grow anything indoors. I purchased my lights at Walmart, very inexpensive, I think I paid a grand total of $60 for all my lights. They’ve grown very well, they are going onto a week of 12 hours light 12 hours total darkness. I’ve been giving them a higher nitrogen plant food, 24-8-13, up until I changed their light cycle. At this point I have a high in potassium as well, 20-20-20. If anyone can give me some words of wisdom on how to get them to bed properly, I would be forever in debt. I tried to attach pictures, I hope they work.

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Hard to tell from those burple lights. Post a pic in natural light or with a flash.

Looks good!


Here is one of my 4 plants. They are all budding equally nice but this one is growing especially nice! Any advice? I am in the 3rd week of 12/12 lighting and giving them no nitrogen, just bone meal for phosphorous because I am unable to locate a source of potash. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the sideways pictures.


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Looking good and healthy keep up with what ever you are doing.