Newbie, SF Bay area outdoor grow, looking for feedback on flowering and daylight/darkness hours

I’m both a first time grower and a first time poster to this site and could use some advice. I’ve growing two clones, one Game Changer and one Rainbow Dream, in the SF Bay area, in pots, outdoors. I planted starter plants into 5 gal pots in early June, on July 15 moved them to 15 gal fabric pots. First question: looking at the pictures, can anyone estimate how far these plants are into flowering? I saw the first white pistils on the Game Changer plant (the one with the lighter green leaves) around July 25th (a little more than 3 weeks ago), and the Rainbow Dream showed it’s first pistils a week - 10 days later.
Second question: since I’m growing outside and can’t easily control the hours of daylight and darkness, should I simply let the plants continue through flowering with whatever daylight/darkness hours nature serves up? I currently get 13.5 hours of daylight. Finally, if I need to turn on the patio lights at night (where the plants are) should I be putting some sort of light tight cover over the plants to keep them dark? I’m concerned what I’ve read that any light at night that interrupts their darkness hours can send them back into their vegetative stage.
Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

GameChangerBudjpeg|240x320 RainbowDreamBudjpeg|240x320

You can Google to find out daylight dark hours in your area. Turning a light on at night will totally screw up your flowering cycle. If you have any light at all in your dark period, you should look into auto flower plants. If not then the chance of revegg or hermi is high


I’d say they’ve been flowering a few weeks, but your camera angle is really tight in those pictures. If they started flowering outside they will continue to flower outside naturally this time of year. Your patio lights could cause problems, I would do what you can to keep dark time dark.

dbrn32, you’ve confirmed what I was thinking about flowering progress and the natural light, so thank you for that. What was throwing me off was seeing photos on a couple websites of plants three weeks into flowering that seemed laden with buds (much more than mine). But I’ll stay the course - they do seem to be progressing. And I’ve moved the plants to a side of the house that the patio lights don’t reach. Less stressful, both for me and my 16 year old golden retriever with failing eyesight who needs a lighted path to do her thing at night! Thanks again!

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I’m thinking in California you’ll be flowering for quite some time. They should come around if kept healthy.