Newbie’s 2nd crack at it - progress?

In one of the grow articles, it says once you see trichomes, the plant is in full flower.
All I did since my last post is give a generic nitrogen rich plant food, and picked off all of those yellow, brown spotted leaves.
Please don’t laugh at my skinny plant, but is she in full flower now?

This is what I noticed today.

I know she looks sickly, but all of the colas seem to be in good shape.

Looks to be flowering, yes.


Your tall skinny plant looks hungry. She needs food to grow big fat buds for you.


Since she is in flower, what should I give her? Phosphorus?

How long is the flowering period in general? I’m excited that this plant has even produced colas, I thought I had ruined it. I’m afraid to do too much to it since it’s in flower.
This particular plant reached for the sun as soon as it sprouted. I re-buried her twice before settling her in her home. She has always been this color. Is it possible that it’s the strain that has the plant this color? I’ve always been a nature over nurture girl, but if I’m going to grow my own medicine, I’m going to have to take this more seriously. No more “cracks at it”. Haha.
is there anything I can do at this point to maximize bud size and keep her healthy?
Next year= grow journal!

Thanks in advance for your help!


A good number is around 65 days for most hybrids. As flowering progresses the plant needs less N and more P and K to bulk up flowers. General Hydroponics, Fox Farms and others have flowering nutrients formulated for cannabis. You might start on a regular dose of “Open Sesame” at this point.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll check it out and post progress. :seedling: