Newbie Review of HLG (and recommendation for other newbies)

Hello everyone Newbie84 here. Been on forums hitting it hard since I germinated my seeds 2 weeks ago. Like most I did the normal mistakes of ordering Blurple lights on Amazon thinking something that cost $60 would do same as something that cost $800+. Well because of the knowledgeable and awesome people on this forum I pimped my tent out so to speak with all the stuff I should have done from the start lol. I bought the HLG 550V2 Rspec refurbished. I have only had the light less than a day but I want to just let other newbies know what I think and Why it is worth the price tag.
First and foremost for my fellow Veterans you can get a 25% off coupon if you message them and verify your status which saves a ton. If you go the refurbished route as well, a high end may seem non affordable suddenly becomes closer to reality. I got an $850 light for around $450ish.
Second of all HLG shipped my order within 2 hours. I ordered on Friday of a holiday weekend 2hrs before they closed and was on the truck same day.
Third of all the quality is BANANNAS especially compared to Amazon lights and any other for that matter. You can see the time and effort they put into making this. Without even getting into the technical specs just the craftsmanship is flawless. Even down to the ratchet hangers it comes with are top notch with metal pulleys inside I mean not a single shortcut was taken. Everything is sealed and water proofed (don’t quote me on that just from looking at it),wires are ran clean instead of just hanging everywhere. I need to clean my mess of a tent now because the light is so nice and the rest of my tent is a hot mess I feel bad.
The light that this one 550W unit puts out is 20x what my 2 “600w” Blurples put out. I had to go get UV blocking shades. There’s a dimmer as well and I got the RSpec so I can use at all stages from start to finish.

Just wanted to give an honest take from a newbie who has no skin in the game except someone who wants to grow beautiful plants for my wife and her friends to smoke.
Thank you everyone who recommended HLG I can tell this will be a product I will use for a long time and will make my girls happy. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I’m a newbie but if you need an honest opinion about the light just ask.



Yes, yes, yes. Your plants will like it too.
And, if you have a question - call or email. Replies are amazingly fast.


I got a little tent, but I have the Diablo 200. I have an older qb288 that I’d still put up against most it’s size, but it doesn’t have the newer diodes. If I need a new/bigger light later on, it will be an HLG as well.

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing this info. We have quite a few vets in the forum.

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No problem, it was the main reason I was able to buy mine when I did otherwise I wouldn’t. Being on a budget 25% of $500+ can make a huge dent. I know lot of other vets are also on disability so we are working with limited funds. The light has been AMAZING so far I am so happy.

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Update since having my light. Temps are definitely manageable in my tent and my girls have EXPLODED. I am new so I’m not sure if it was going to happen regardless but they seem to be loving life and showing me a thanks ever since adding the light.

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How does the veteran discount work? What must the veteran do?

I just emailed them saying I was told to email them about a veteran discount. I forget but I think they have you verify then send you a unique code.