Newbie Questions

Strain; 5 AK-47 fem auto

Planted in soil, five gal cloth pots.

Housed in 3’ x 3’ x 7’ grow tent with a small oscillating fan, one 300w LED system

Don’t know the PH run off but the PH in is around 6.5.

Used fish fertilizer for about 3 waterings, and just did my first watering with gen hydro micro grow 1 1/2 tablespoon gal.

I’m running the lights 24/7. The temp stays around 86f with an RH around 6.7.

I haven’t started the ventilation system which is a 4" inline fan with a charcoal filter.

I have both a humidifier and dehumidifier which I haven’t used yet and no Co2.

Hi all. This is my first post so forgive me for any screw-ups.

This is my first grow and I’m way excited! I live in an illegal state caretaking my aging folks, so the setup is all inside a small walk-in closet.

The five girls are approximately four weeks old. I don’t feel I’ve overwatered them as they look really healthy. (Here are my main questions) I planted the seedlings into the five-gallon pots and they are all about 8 inches tall. Is this normal? Are they so small because I planted directly into such large pots instead of transplanting? Here’s a picture.

58 PM #2|690x459

I’m still trying to figure our if I have enough lighting.

Any input will be appreciated.



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I think it’s normal to be this small if starting it in big pots. The plants will focus on growing their root system first.

As far as lighting- you may look to upgrade your lighting if your planning on running 5 plants. I don’t think 300W is going to quite cut it

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First of all I want to say WELCOME!
Them are a little small in my opinion but are ok…
That light is not enough for 5 plants and for that space, maybe you can buy another one (the same or bigger)…i have a meizhi 450w for 2x2x5 grow box and it’s ok but not enough. I also grow ak47 auto.
I hope you have a pH meter to check what you give them to eat… Nutrient_Chart2

The pots are ok… A little big but ok I will tag you in my grow journal to see what I’m doing and maybe to learn something :wink:
PS… I also live in a illegal state


Thanks Ray. Was feeling another light would be a good thing. Believe I’ll be getting 2 more 300w systems in the next two weeks.


Thanks M4ur. Have been keeping my PH in the right range so far. Hope to get 2 more 300w systems in the next 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

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I suggest to go for 450w instead of 300…you will thank me later :joy:

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Welcome to the forum! Since these are auto’s, they’ll take right off after they thoroughly established!

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More light is good. Some more light during veg will be welcome but they don’t look bad. You will need a LOT of light during flower, and more red spectrum than blue. Let that factor into your buying process. Also remember that the stated wattage is wildly inaccurate. Your 300 watt led actually puts out around 100 watts. The rule of thumb for your grow space is 35 watts per square foot of grow space MINIMUM. 50 watts would be better. That’s actual at the outlet watts; not what they’re telling you.

Get a good ph meter and a way to check calibration AND CALIBRATE OFTEN. The most common mistake made is improperly ph’d water. Remember too that when you mix your nutes to ph AFTER. So, you will need ph up and down as well. A good TDS meter is wise to have too.


Thanks. Just did some checking and found a review that said the viparspectra v300 is actually pulling about 136w. So believe I will be going with the 450 model.

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Someone sayd the Viparspectra is Good for veg stage and meizhi is good for flowering stage but both are good lights for that money… Just compare this two… 450w (192w real).
PS I think meizhi is cheaper than Viparspectra

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Ah!!! Thanx man! Great price on ebay. Looking into a red led only for flowering. Any thoughts on this

Don’t! That meizhi have 2 switches (one for veg and one for bloom)
I payd 92-93 English pounds for my meizhi.
@Stratos read this thread!
@Ross14 look at this plant… Is under a meizhi 450w (2x2x5 grow box)


Mars, Meizhi and Viparspectra are all pretty good in the “cheap” led line. I have 3 of the Meizhi 300 Reflector Series and they are fantastic for veg but a little blue spectrum for flower. However, that’s more than enough light for my girls when they’re under 2 months old. I just keep adding lights as needed during the grow.

As @M4ur said: in the larger sizes you can get some models with a veg and bloom switch. I believe that the bloom switch turns all the led’s on and veg turns on blue and only some red.

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Veg switch I’d only for blue and others led… And bloom switch is only for red… But I run both al the time



I have the same size tent as you, and run one of these.
I also run mine with both switches on the entire grow.


Hit my quota yesterday. When do restrictions lift on posting?

Anyways thanks for the heads up of the MEIZHI. Found the 450w system on ebay for like 105$. They should be here next tuesday.

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Thanks for the input y’all.

Today I cranked up the ventilation system because when I opened the closet door my nose was assaulted by a pungent aroma. Six weeks… Aghh!!! I’m feeling like I ought to go ahead and get my next batch of seeds soon so I can start another grow as soon as this one is harvested. Yeah, yeah… Getting a little ahead of myself.

I’ve decided to go with not being afraid of transplanting next time.

Again thanks for the input.

LOL @Ross14! Dude you sound like me. I am 5 weeks into my grow and already planning out my next one! Its addicting for sure :crazy_face:

Good luck with your grow :slight_smile:


All of us are! Because why shouldn’t we be planning our next grow?? It’s waaay too much fun. Thoughts and consideration on strains?

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Thanx @rodri59! This is my first time growing, and… I can’t explain the excitement I’m feeling. I just read yer first grow journal entry and just got even more excited. I’m in the southeast as well, born and bred, but I lived out west for a while and was in NM when it became a medical marijuana state. I came back to NC look after my folks a few years ago and didn’t realize how much “things” had changed until I had gotten back. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve had bud because all my early life contacts had evaporated and there was no way I felt comfortable and safe finding it. A friend of mine on FB kept posting all the great things going on where he’s at in Oregon and… I googled dark web dank first, but that seemed way too involved and difficult and then I read a high times article about growing at home inside…several google searches later and I’m like… It’s just incredible. And I’m just loving the warmth I’m sensing here. Yeah!!!

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