Newbie questions ... planning my setup

Hi. I’m totally new to this. Trying to make things as simple as possible so i ordered White Widow Auto as I read it’s the easiest to grow. I bought the following supplies and have read a ton and watched a lot of videos.

So far I’ve ordered:
Seeds from ILGM ( white widow auto)
2’x2’x4’ Grow tent (will be using a small closet)
ph meter
begginer fertilizer kit from ILGM

I have a small fan and I have 5 45wt cfl photogrpahy studio lights and I’m sure I have some more in my shed. Will these lights be sufficient? Should I bust out the ones in my shed too? They give off a little heat but not much. Should I only try one plant in this space? I ordered 5 seeds. Scared to try only one and it doesn’t pop or it dies on me.

What else do I need besides the pot?
Should I scrog?
Will white widow smell when it flowers? If so, best way to contain the odor? Otherwise I’ll have to find a new location as I need to be discreet.
Best soil option? Any good soil I can get on amazon?

I’ve seen a few methods for germination. Cup of water for 1 or 2 days, wet paper towel and straight up drop into 3 gal container and water. Which has the best results? I read somewhere that autos should NEVER be transplanted so start them in the container you plan to use til the end. True?

Any other factors I should be concerned about? This will be in a grow tent that will be inside a closet so I’m a little worroed about ventilation. Will a fan be enough?

I feel like there’s a lot to consider. Am I overthinking it? Feels like a science project!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would suck if my first grow failed.


I don’t have the time to help tonight, if no one chimes in to help you tonight, I’ll help you out tomorrow. Here’s my current white widow auto


Ok, first of all with such a low height on your tent, you’re going to have to SCROG. There’s just no room for it to grow.

Second, your WW is going to smell…a lot. In fact they stink, so you’re going to have to install an inline fan with a carbon filter. Or you can find a better location.

You can get soil from Amazon. Many people use Foxfarm Ocean Forest, or happy frog.

Your method of germination should work just fine, and yes it’s true that autos don’t like to be transplanted. They don’t like any stress. There is a lot to consider. I suggest you get a Ph meter too, you’re going to need it. Also, I think you’re going to need more, or better lighting.

I think you should slow down and make sure you have everything you need before you start this grow. :slight_smile:


@HornHead HOLY!!! That is one plant??? Grown inside or out? I can’t have a plant that big. My husband doesn’t even know I plan to grow one. LOL So I need to keep it small.


Haha, when I first started I didn’t tell my husband either. He just happened to notice my grow tent in the corner of the master bedroom, and it was out.



I did buy a ph meter but now I realize it’s for water PH. Is that ok or do I need one that’s for soil too?

The plan was to keep the plant small because of my limited space. BUT I have to take care of the smell. I can’t have it smelling. I saw that there are these bags of something or other that you can hang a few and they absorb the odor? Will that work? ONA gel is one I heard of. Otherwise, I will end up having to take it outside and I’m not sure if that is going to cause shock from the change. I’m in the northwest but it should be around 80-90 degrees by the time it starts to flower.

Only other place I can think of to use is my trailer but it’s parked in front of my house and has ZERO ventilation and I’d have to run power cords out there so I don’t think that’s ideal. What do people do who grow in their closets? Don’t their clothes smell? The closet I want to use is a utility closet and has power outlets in it so I thought it would be perfect. BUT, I really have to contain the smell as I have people walk through that room. There are no windows so I can’t put in an inline fan. The grow tent doesn’t contain the smell at all? Damn … that is going to be problem.

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You can put an inline fan with a carbon filter which will take care of the smell. You will have to set it up outside of the tent in the closet.

The Ph meter you got is perfect. You don’t need a soil meter, they don’t work. You’ll need it for the water and nutrients you use to water the plant with.

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Ahhh ok I was just watching a video and noticed a few people didn’t have their filters duct out through the walls so as long as I have the inline fan and carbon filter set up in the closet but OUT of the tent I should be ok? Any specific size if I’m just growing 1 or 2 plants and trying to keep them on the smaller side?

It should work, this is what we all do to keep the smell down. A 4" inline fan and carbon filter should be fine.

Will this setup work?

Just set it down on the floor next to the tent or will I have to hang it?

Yep, that should do it. I’m not an expert on fans and filters though, so i don’t know if it will clear the air in your closet, but i think it should. And yes, you can just sit it in the closet, or put the filter in the tent, that might work better.

He’s super straight laced and might have a fit. He’s never smoked in his life poor guy. I keep telling him that I’m going to grow to make CBD oil and ointments for my pain but he thinks I’m joking. So I plan to do this in my studio that he hardly ever goes in. BUT, if it smells … he’ll know it. AND, I have people walk through the studio so that’s another issue. Worst case, if I can’t control the smell, I will just take it outside and sadly deal with whatever happens to the plant. Should be warm enough by the time it flowers to put it out it I need to. But I rather prevent the problem.

Damn these initial supplies are getting expensive!! Hopefully I can grow a the other 4 plants after the first one with these supplies.

Lol, I see. My 20 year old kids are like that. They won’t smoke with me.

By the time your plant starts flowering, that’s when it will start to smell and it will be warm enough outside to keep it going.

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The smell is a priority for your stealth grow. Amazon or EBay sell the fan and carbon filter. Most new duct fans come with one. You can also make one cheaply, just YouTube DIY carbon filter cause it’s gonna stink up the house if not using one attached to an in-line fan. Your plant won’t be very big with those lights. CFL lights have to be VERY close and put out lots of heat. Plus it’s an auto, so they don’t get huge. You can get a led light or other kind later if you want, but remember light is a pretty major factor for plant growth. Sounds like you should just plant outside if you wanna hide it better. Plant it in or near some other plants or shrubs until you have done more research on tent setups and growing. Good luck to you and happy growing


@Budbrother what kinda light is that, is it one of those Blackdogs?

@jmorse28. You’re right, autos don’t like to be transplanted, you’ll want either a 3 or 5 gallon pot. Fabric is best. You’ll need a 4" in line fan and carbon filter and better light. I use strictly roleadro LEDs. You can grow with CFL, that’s what I used first grow just to see if I could. Check Amazon lightning deals, you can get a good fan/filter combo on sale sometimes. They have grow lights in there as well. You’ll need pH up and down to adjust pH. Nutrients, I use General Hydroponics Flora trio

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Huh, he just happened to notice a large new structure in the room he sleeps in. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I use Advanced Spectrum LEDs and have for years now.

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Looking into getting a COB setup. Amazing results from my research.

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Lol, I know. He’s not very perceptive. :grin: