Newbie questions from me

I’m sure this question has been asked before but I’d rather ask than be sorry later :slight_smile:

This is my first grow, I’m growing in a closet, so the space is very limited where exactly should I place the lights??

Right now my plant is around 3 ft tall, I have one LED full spectrum light hanging above it …
Have 3 small clamp lights width LED 1600 or so Lumen bulbs…

The lower part of the plant the leaves seem to Sag, but all the small buds are producing well it seems…

I’m not sure, which leaves to trim Etc or leave?

My main question is about the lighting it should all the lights be coming from above or what position should I have a light placements, beings it’s in Bud mode…

There’s 2 more lights at bottom of picture out of view

First, I’d gently bend the top over, I wouldn’t suggest supercropping since you’re in flower but looks as if the stem is still tender and will bend easy. That 300w panel is only gonna give good light about 8in into the canopy, so try to level the canopy. Then use your clamp lights to fill in from sides. What kinda light is it?

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Sorry, thought I read it saying 300w

I’m just using 3…1600 Lumen light bulb’s and that led panel I got from Walmart and 3 clamp light fixtures??

I guess this is a no-brainer, but I’ve been noticing for the last 2 weeks that the lower part of the plant leaves are always sagging and then a light went off in my head and I was thinking all the lights need to be from Top not going from the bottom, my bad… I was wondering why the top 2/3 of the plant the leaves look good but the bottom half was sagging that is because the any light from the top or the bottom part are not getting light, from above :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve noticed to that several of lower leaves, are bug eaten, are there some type of issues with them should I cut them off or just leave them or does it matter???

Besides saggin, and a few leaves having some issues the majority of the plant is a nice dark green and budding really good…

I believe I’m in my 4th or 5th week of flowering, there are lots of buds everywhere all over the plant but they’re small, do you think because of the light situation previously that they should be a lot bigger?

How many watts, true or rated, is that led panel? Lumens don’t mean much

24watts and it’s about 4 or more inches from top of plant

I just rearrange my lights and noticed a top leaf with several yellow dots on on just 1 figure leaf???

Also I think I might need to prune some leaves, there’s a lot of bottom fan leaves that are saggin…

Everything is super dark green, stems are green with little purple…

You can make it to harvest, but your yield will be on the smaller side. And look up lollipoping, it’s removing lower growth that doesn’t get adequate light. You can get a decent Chinese led off Amazon for around $60 bucks or so. Really, that’s the only way you’re going to get a decent harvest. My first 2 grows was with cfls, didn’t pull over an ounce on either and I was using 200ish real watts in cfls. I just harvested an lb off one plant and 480 true led watts

I too grow in a closet, you have to LST your plant young in order to force it to grow in the shape and size you want. Look up some LST on YouTube and Google for cannabis and you will be on your way foe your next grow.

Your biggest problem IMO concerning the plant and it’s bud sizes is the lack of lighting. The lighting seen in the picture will definitely get you some bud. But it will not be remotely the yield you are looking for.

I just took this picture

Apologize if the pictures not too clear my phone died right after I took the picture

If that’s the way you plan to go, I’d get about 6 more 23w cfls 2700k with clamp lights and spread them close to the plant, like 3-4" close

For the end of the day, as long as all the leaves are dark green that is okay?

As far as in the lower part of the plant and the lighting, the buds could be small…

Take a few days and bend that top over gradually to the side . It will not have the influence it would have had if done earlier in the growth process but it will still help the plant to bush out a bit.It will also allow you to lower your lights a bit closer to the plant increasing exposure.The plant is a very dark green colour for this stage of flowering, what nutes if any are you using? You can continue to use side lighting but they should be facing down on a 45 degree angle at least as plants only process light from the top of the leaf surface not from underneath. As stated above a better quality led will help maximise your yields. The plant is healthy so you seem to have a good grasp on what you are doing but I think you are expecting a bit too much from your lighting.

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Tiger bloom and big bloom

Only reason I asked was that they look a very deep dark green. Maybe has something to do with led spectrum, I dont have any experience using led lighting. Plants look very healthy regardless.

Would this be good to grow my plant even though I’m this far in the blooming stage…she not getting enough light… :frowning:

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