Newbie Question Photo, Mites?

I’m seeing all these spots on my plants, are these mites? If so, what can I use during flowering. I looked at pictures and don’t see any webs anywhere, just the white thingies.

I think you’re looking at trichomes, bud.


I think that’s what ur seeing as well but when I got spider mites I couldn’t tell either I got my cell and used the camera from it and sat there to see if any of them moved ,that much white spots they should be moving alot

Thank you, much relieved. I’m a 71 yr old granny 1st time grower for migraines. Do the arrival of trichomes mean the flowering is advancing toward harvesting or still a ways to go?


Mite damage looks like:

Flat dots, not bumpy

I just took my loupe out and I see little clear crystal balls standing up, Yipee! Thanks for the picture of mite damage.


How long from trichomes stage until harvest?

People differ from what they like. I personally like very amber and more “couch-lock”, but anything 50-75% amber is ready to harvest.

Do you have a scope like this:

Those trichomes will get (white) cloudy and then amber coloured. You’ll have to test to see what works best for you.


The trichs start clear then progress thru cloudy to Amber. The buds will go from rounded tops to pointy tops as the hairs collapse and change color.

In the guides section above there is a nice harvesting guide.

That is a very helpful chart, thanks for posting it. They are clear now, not yet cloudy. I live in central U.S. and it’s dipped to 52 degrees already at night. That’s why I was asking how long it takes to harvest my plants . I thought you went by the pistils to turn amber?
Another question about drying, where is the best place to dry them. Can I hang them upside down in the garage and do they need a fan on them? Do you hang them by roots and all?


Not the pistils, but those little bumps you aforementioned. They are tiny, and that’s why I asked if you had a scope. I can tell by the pistils as I wait until theyre almost all shriveled back to the bud. It looks like you have at least a couple more weeks, and even more, it they were for me.

Drying wants to be with moving air in the room, but not right on them. I like to make drying last 7-11 days. If I were you, I’d bring them inside.


And keep in the dark light wlil degrade your pot

P. S. Thanks @Aquaponic_Dumme. That advice for her was right o. Thank you biddy.

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If I put them in the basement with a fan off to the side, would that work and would it smell up the basement?
No scope, just the loupe it’s worn off the side but I can read 30X on it

It mite @Bobbi just just keepan eye on them . If they do you may want to go back to the garage.


Garage has two windows, basement where I’ll put them has a very small dark room that might have been used for vegetables at one time.


If you have a moment, you should check these out.

Drying = page 56, I think.



Good luck, and happy growing.

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I read & read and have so much to learn. Right now I’m suppose to be getting items ready for the good will and salvation army, plus I’m selling on ebay. I have to look up photos of fan leaves, the other leaves, can’t remember their names now. I wish they would show pictures of them but the grow bible is free so they can’t give too much away without me buying the bigger one. Thanks, I’ll have to do some research.

I purchased this yesterday, thanks for pointing it out for me. What’s your favorite way of drying? I’ve been watching utube video’s and see several ways of drying. One showed trimming off the fan leaves and throwing, then trimming the tiny leaves (forget the names of them)and putting in a bowl to use in brownies? Are those put in raw? Then he hung up the weed upside down for a day or two. Cut buds off and did the paper bag thing.

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It varies slightly each time, as my back is always bothering me. Weather change is a big factor.

This last time I manicured each plant without cutting it from the roots. I did this so it wouldnt droop, and still uptake water.

I took short breaks though out that day, so it took about 24 hour period per plant. After manicuring, I trimmed the full plant, and gave it a water bath, as you would lettuce, then hung it as one, upside-down in a dark room, on a wire.

Small fans where used to move the air in the room, but not pointed directly at them. I find that prolonging drying over 7-11 days will give you better smell and taste, shortening cure time.

@Aquaponic_Dumme just curious, why the water bath?