Newbie question and help requested - overwatering?

Since I’ll repot in a day or so, shall I save that for the new soil?

You can, I wouldn’t, it is up to you.

My transplant procedure is…set up my pots with soil. When I do this I use an empty pot that they are currently growing in as a guide to make transplanting easier. When I do this a day or so out I will add moisture to the new pot, this allows the moisture saturated the new soil. When it’s time to repot I remove the pot and it leaves a perfect spot for the plant to go. Transfer the plant and water it in a little.

Yes, perfect. I just mean since I gave them a drink yesterday, should I wait for the transplanting for the drink you suggest? I’ll transplant soon.

If you are going to transplant tomorrow, yes.

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@Bubblehead - thanks. Not going to repot tomorrow so did your trick. Ph is perfect in the water, etc. Gave a small drink around the ring of each plant. Next big drink when do you guess?

Sure don’t look so happy. Guess they find the holidays stressful too.

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Not worried about the old growth that will not recover. The new growth is looking better. Lift the pots to see how heavy they are this will help you understand when to water again.


Cut one open to see what was going on in there and to try potting up. Root growth not too substantial although nothing looked rotted or dead. Even though I gave a small drink this morning, the basic environment was just a little damp, not wet. Did I over correct for too much water last week? Just not enough time to recover? What do your more experienced eyes tell you about this grow? The others continue their downward spiral, more or less.

Seems like a few folks think the black gold is ok…

I have never used it. I’m sorry I’m no help on that soil. Have you searched around on here for soils people have used or prefer?

I have - most seems to use soil created for cannabis, which tend to be overly expensive. I can hack that, but I don’t think it is necessary. I used to grow shrooms - same deal there. Trying to get to the bottom of what is important and what is not…

The important part to my knowledge is the consistency and water retention without staying over wet. They seem to like looser soil I believe. And definitely no slow release nutes, even if the soil doesn’t have any at all you can always use liquid nutes. And the ph of the soil itself, most soils designed to grow our weeds are ph neutral or balanced where it needs to be.

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Does the ph of the soil change over time depending on the ph of the water? I have tried to measure the ph of the soil but I am not convinced of the results. Ph of the water is easy…

Yes. The best way I have found to check ph of soil is to do a slurry test. Equal parts soil from about 2” down and distilled water, I use a shot glass. Mix together stir wait 5-15 minutes put ph meter in slurry and boom you have the ph. You can also check ppm using a slurry.

You can also check the runoff of the water from the pot but if you are not watering to runoff this can be problematic.

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I think I have some options. I have some Fox Farm Happy Frog and I might cut it with some perlite although that may not be necessary. In the end, I did find that the black gold was very light, didn’t hold water, and probably is a very decent soil. I have a growing suspicion that the soil was ok, but the watering was the issue and perhaps the peat pots held too much water. Certainly the soil is quite airy.

Indeed - I’m not watering to the point of run off - and the pots are so small that it is hard to get a chunk of soil…

Hi everyone. A quick update. I’m embarking on a new grow, but seeing where the learning curve takes me with the above ladies. Thinking I was giving up on a few of them, I repotted and threw them outside. I kept two of the stronger ones inside. Outside, it is 70 F/21 C in the day and as low as 37F/3C at night, but interestingly (maybe not surprisingly?), they are doing better than the ones inside.

The girl that is doing particularly well is one that wasn’t that strong from the beginning, so when I moved her outside, I just picked a pot from our garden, used whatever potting soil there was in there, and moved along. Have been giving some fox farm nutes to all.

You can see her grow stronger and stronger over about a week:

After a couple weeks, the inside ladies didn’t look wonderful (still anemic looking) so I also put them out in the elements. Again, I am not hoping for anything in particular, just trying to learn as much as I can from them.

Here was one I moved out yesterday, giving up on getting her stronger inside:

We’ll see how things progress. Enjoying the experiment.