Newbie Question #1001

I’m using the Super Green Labs controller kit.

Super Lemon Haze

In creating a new plant, Ole Towlie is asking whether the plant is Auto or Photo.

ILGM page for that seed doesn’t say, specifically.

So far, I’m really not happy spending that $325 for this kit.

Thanks for any help/guidance

Does it perhaps say feminized? That would probably mean its a photoperiod if you got it from ILGM

I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for, so see if this ILGM product reference page helps:

Thanks for replying

No help on the reference page.

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THanks for replying

It DOES say feminized.

On this POS app, it asks the question, what type and the choices are Auto or Photo.


Id go photo. If it was an auto, it’d definitely say so


this is from the ILGM seed page
you can see the first is an Auto (short for autoflowering)
the others are feminized, not Autos, so they are Photos

definately some differences in the entire “experience” :wink:
Just a heads up, there are pros can cons to any “kit”
the nice part is you get a lot of the basics without needing to purchase seperately

the downside is that usually, the reason the pricing is so attractive is the lights may be sub-standard. so you may end up replacing them during your first grow.

Thanks. That’s what I guessed at.
Man, for a frigging controller, these people sure want me to fill up their database and buy more stuff.

I refuse to connect it to the internet and the app is friggin almost useless.

I can’t tell where in the app controler stage its in. App is definitely NOT for a control freak.

This app is like some kids put it together.

Everything has to connect to the internet. They have a WiFi chip, and they want you to put your local network credentials in. And then they want you to put in your account credentials with them. Always selling, but no support except a discord site.

They prototyped and manufactured a board and the kit comes with 6 LED panels. I had high hopes for it, and its running right now. I know these seeds are getting expensive.

well, the kit that i saw was like $250. there are only a few lights that would fall into that price range that would really work for a decent grow, so the fact that it includes 6 lights plus a cabinet plus… means… hmmm prob need a light pretty soon. i didnt see anything about a fan mentioned. may have missed it, multi-tasking. (the whole day job thing cuts into my hobby time)

I didn’t use their cabinet suggestion. I used an old refrigerator.
It comes with a fan, but it was virtually useless. Their idea is to make a vent out of cardboard.

I bought some 6" dryer vent parts and this big ass filter from Bozo. Vents to the bottom of the fridge, almost like the refrigerator was running.

Bought a little dehumidifier too. I’m in Houston and RH gets pretty high.

Mounted the lights on the bottom of (window) mini blinds, that give the the whole mechanism to raise and lower.