Newbie possibly ready to transplant

I purchased a auto flowering white widow kit, and I germinated some of the seeds and that went well. I planted them 8 days ago in peat pods. Giving 24 he led grow light

. How long should I wait before transplanting to outdoors

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These are 4 inch pots

I would do it now. They look good, let them grow into the new home.

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Should I do anything special, or just put them in a hole

Thanks for the replies, this is a great site

umm outside? How hot is it where you are? If you have a cool house and its much hotter outside I would place them outside tonight when it cools down… in the containers for a day or two in partial sun to let them get adjusted.

It would also give you time to prepare your grow site/ holes with any amends you were doing.

You want to make the transplanting shock as easy as possible for your little ones.


Thank you for your advice, only 80f here at 5000 feet elevation probably 65f tonight hopefully it will be around 90 degrees in a couple of days. I did 5 auto white widow for now and will see how it goes. Maybe I can try to get a couple of clones from them and try that as well. Go big or stay on the porch right

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Sounds good to me. If you do get clones now for outside they will be a little smaller by finish as it’s July now. But, the earlier you get them in place the better off you will be for yeilds.

Isn’t it best to put auto their final grow medium at the start, no transplanting so they don’t get shocked?

To reduce the shock, my I suggest you do not knock off any dirt or do anything to disturb the roots when you do transplant, I think that minimises the transplant shock which can affect autos…

It is early enough that it wont matter for the autos if they showed a sign of flower then its getting too late.

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Welcome to the forum!!
They look ready to me! Good Luck with your grow!

You see so much out there that is contradictory, especially where autos are concerned regarding shock, but when you say that regarding transplanting then you’re looking at doing it within 3-4 weeks of breaking ground so, in reality, you would be just as well going straight into the final pot from the start.

So the conditions that these autos are going out into the world are very mild. If they are gently transplanted like they should be anyways it will be fine.

You are not wrong for thinking that auto usually go into their final containers, but “New” to the Game here wants to place them into the ground. It is better for beginners to start in more controlled conditions like inside first even if they are autos, so they can get the plants past the tender seedling stage successfully.

I gave some autos to a friend I started for him in 5 gallon bags. 1 month into it he wanted to place one of them in a 15 gal bag and leave the other two. They had not started flowering yet and he went for it. Not only did it do fine… it out paced and out yielded those that remained in the 5 gallons.

When New here does the transplanting just make sure the soil is not too wet by letting it dry out some, so you do not run the risk of it breaking off in chunks and taking sections of roots with it. Place your opened hand over the top of the container’s rim and side it under the plant placing the main stem between your middle fingers. Keep the plant down low towards your hole and slowly turn the plant and container towards the hole. While bracing the the soil with your fingers and plant stem rested in the middle of your hand. Then tap the bottom of the container gently on the bottom and then around its side towards the bottom to release the container from the soil.

If you prep a hole with fresh soil mix make sure there a nice cushion for the plant you are about you place in there to set on. Removed the container and set your free hand on the bottom of the soil, then brace gently, and twist the plant and soil in one motion onto the soft soil cushion you have in your hole. If the soil is soft and not packed down you can removed your hand trapped below it by pressing down and pulling it out. Continue bracing the plant with your top hand and have your fill soil in reach of your bottom hand. Fill in around it until level to the ground and water it in. Do not pack the soil by hand let the water do it. When it compacts down use more loose soil to fill in around it level again to the ground.

Thanks, I did as you said and thanks planted into final media without disturbing the roots, did this at 1 week after breaking surface( sprout)