Newbie, please help!

What happened to my girl?? Please tell me she’s not a goner!

Thank you for any help!

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Looks like bud rot or something but ill tag a few others and see what they think @Docnraq @MidwestGuy @HMGRWN @Myfriendis410

Oh no I was afraid of that :unamused:, so if it is bud rot is the whole plant gone?

Hello @MzCannabis and welcome, I wish it were more of a friendly hi :wave: than to say that it really does look like bud rot from those photos like @BigCat420 suggests. Maybe some insect too in 3rd pic. I am sorry, but it looks very terminal and if that plant is around others should probably be quarantined. I really would consider removing it permanently, yes.


Sorry @MzCannabis that sure looks like rot to me. Extensive too. What have weather conditions been like?

That plant is toast. I hope she isnt your only one.

The good news is…everyone here on this forum will be eager to assist you on your next cannabis growing venture. Welcome to the community.

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Thanks for the tag

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I totally forgot but welcome to forum! @MzCannabis

Welcome @MzCannabis ! I have not encountered but rot yet, cross fingers. Sorry this happened to you.